Catherine Foroughi

Catherine Foroughi

Catherine Foroughi

I am This!

If wanting to grapple with something:

CYoga Creator; Yoga Therapist; Choreographer; Lawyer ; CYoga Body Therapist; Author; Artist.The Creator

Love…love …love…

We party …we dance

Who writes this?


Are you Catherine Foroughi?!

“I am This.”

“You/ I are/am this”

“Catherine is seen as one of the world’s leading and most exciting “yogi’s”…………………….

Catherine is CYoga – the real C with natural grace. Her presence transforms from the inside out. She has an immeasurable and powerful effect on so many and even those who have not worked directly with her are effected by those she has. She does not consider herself a teacher which shows her effortless understanding and experience of yoga. Catherine is a complete one.”

Catherine always has a powerful understanding and experience of the source of yoga and one body.

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