Jain Path, The

Jain Path, The

Jain Path, The

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Nov 24, 2006

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Aidan Rankin
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Hinduism (general), Rituals & practice


Jainism is Indias oldest spiritual tradition, and one of the worlds oldest religions. It is not well known in the West. But it embodies many of the ideas underlying current thinking on the interconnectedness of all living systems, the principle of non-violence and the need to live simply. It is perhaps the most demanding, rational and radical of all religions, attaching great importance to individual responsibility. Today we are questioning our own inherited values and also rediscovering ancient traditions. We are looking for continuity and balance-a "return to the centre." Understanding of Jain principles can point us towards the elusive "paradigm shift", giving spiritual and intellectual strength to a new global ethic of compassion and interdependence. Based around the individuals own spiritual journey and the choices he or she makes, Jainism, more than other spiritual tradition alive today, can bridge the gap between eastern and western patterns of thought.

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