Mónica Esgueva

Mónica Esgueva

Mónica Esgueva is a renowned self-development teacher and spiritual guide known for bridging the gap between Eastern and Western philosophies. With a profound understanding of the mind, human consciousness, and spirituality, she has been helping the transformation of individuals for more than fifteen years. Mónica brings a fresh and accessible perspective to the ancient wisdom of the East.

She is the author of 9 self-development books published in Spain and Latin America, including the bestselling Mindfulness. Her first book in English, The 7 Levels of Wisdom, will be published in the US and internationally in March 2024. She studied with great Tibetan lamas (including teachings by the Dalai Lama) for ten years in India and Nepal. She also studied with renowned Western spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle. This has allowed her to combine the best of Eastern and Western thought currents.

She teaches workshops and guides meditation & transcendence retreats. She is also a regular TEDx speaker and a frequent Spanish national TV guest. Very committed to guiding others’ inner evolution, she has worked as a transformational coach for the last fifteen years. Drawing on her volunteering experience with children with cancer and terminally ill patients, she also teaches courses about spiritual preparation for dying.

Mónica was honored as one of the Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain and one of the Top 10 “Thinkers and Experts Awards” in 2014.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree. Afterward, she completed several studies and training in Coaching with NLP (with John Grinder, co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming), leadership at INSEAD (France), Mindfulness at UCLA, psychology and neurosciences at MIT and King's College London, hypnosis at the NLP Center of New York, and more. Since 2008, she has taught emotional mastery, self-knowledge, and mindfulness to more than 2,500 executives at companies such as Accenture, Samsung, and Oracle.

Passionate about other people and cultures, she has traveled to more than 110 countries and has resided in Paris, London, and Asia. She lived in Tanzania as well, where she volunteered at an orphanage and a school. And she speaks four languages fluently.

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