Michelle Corrigan

Michelle Corrigan

Michelle Corrigan's spiritual journey began many moons ago in 1994 whilst on a two-year expatriate spell in Bangkok. She often visited the beautiful Thai Buddhist temples and she went on a Meditation retreat run by Buddhist Monks which was in the form of Vipassana meditation - insight meditation focusing on the breath and repeating mantras. This opened up a whole new world of spiritual practice.

On returning to the UK Michelle trained as a Reiki Practitioner which introduced her to the esoteric body system. She also joined a meditation group which helped her to expand the technique of visualisation and opened up her awareness.

In 2002 Michelle moved to Surrey and set up her own meditation and healing groups and in 2004 trained as a Yoga Teacher with The British Wheel of Yoga.

Michelle realised her path involved deep soul work to seek liberation and she has spent much time on self-study and healing. She has become involved in Shamanic healing and has studied the following with Eagle's Wing College of Shamanic Medicine - Journeying and Soul Retrieval, The Medicine Wheel and Star Maiden's Circle, Cauldron of Changes, Earth Child, Women Wild and Still - the rites of passage for women.

She loves doing Yoga postures to help shift energy, breathing techniques to expand the breath and meditation to calm the mind.

Michelle has been given a sanskrit name by her tutor, which is "Mokshapriya" which means "she for who liberation is dear".

Michelle is a Cancerian and in numerology a number 5 which means she is here to work at a soul level and work as a Master Healer and Teacher.

Michelle has channelled the words for this book through her Masters in Spirit.

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