Jack Crittenden

Jack Crittenden

Having taught for nearly 30 years, Jack Crittenden is now Professor Emeritus of the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University. A political theorist by training and temperament, Crittenden's teaching and research focused on democratic theory and practice. He is the author of four books, each of which deals with an historical and normative analysis of democratic ideas and institutions, and each offers recommendations for new forms of democracy - especially of democratic education - in the 21st century.

Crittenden continues to write about democracy, community, morality, and individualism, but he has also branched out into new areas of research including states of consciousness and on science, spirituality, and psychology. These are the subjects of his title publishing from Iff Books, 'Stalking White Crows: How Evidence and Altered States Bring Better Living and Better Dying.'

Crittenden is a founding member and currently on the Board of Directors of the Integral Institute, now known as Integral Life. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Windbridge Research Center. Along with a group of former students he started a non-profit organization, the 3-D Politics Institute (3-dpolitics.com), which plots different ways that citizens can be directly engaged in making laws.

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