Geoff Crocker

Geoff Crocker

Following an economics degree in the UK, Geoff Crocker developed two career components ; one in industrial strategy work for corporate clients worldwide ; and one speaking at conferences on issues of faith and values.

He firstly worked formulating industrial strategy for corporate clients worldwide including IBM, Yamaha, ABB and others. This work covered industries in Europe, Asia, USA, Africa and Australia, but over the last 20 years has focused on the rapid transition of the Russian economy where Geoff has advised many leading businesses on global development.

Alongside this, his conference work included presentation and publication of Bible themes, some of which were co published with Bible Society UK. Geoff worked on this in the UK, Europe and USA, but also with societies in transition, speaking for small township groups in apartheid South Africa, to large outdoor conventions in the Philippines, or to churches hosting political reform in the former German Democratic Republic.

From this synthesis of the secular and sacred, Geoff developed a core concern for how faith could be interpreted for the increasingly dominant atheist interpretation. Although he himself went through a major re-evaluation of faith, he retains a strong conviction of the value of religion if interpreted as myth. He argues that this is a more powerful and meaningful paradigm than doctrine or literalism. He explores and develops a new creative synthesis in this book which blends a new emphasis on the metaphysical from philosophy with myth from religion. The result is inspiring and breaks new ground, moving on from a barren confrontation between atheism and religion. Geoff has recently completed an MA in philosophy at Bristol University UK.

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