Ahmad W Hijazi

Ahmad W Hijazi

Ahmad Hijazi’s salad of professional experiences includes programming neural networks, selling servers, notebooks and desktops, running advertising and branding campaigns in a dozen countries, research in consumer behavior, creating an Arabic culture-powered learning platform, managing business units in leading electronics companies, overseeing commercial partnerships and alliances, teaching courses in marketing, management, and innovation, building many (good and bad) web and mobile applications, leading inter-company R&D and manufacturing teams, designing simulations and creative learning experiences, advising companies and startups, delivering corporate trainings, academic management, and writing (short stories, graphic novels, non-fiction, research)… Nothing (ever) fits perfectly… and – even as it keeps growing – the list remains incomplete.

Ahmad has lived and worked in eight countries and visited more than fifty. He has completed degrees in engineering, research, and business management, and has a soft spot for the humanities and soft disciplines like philosophy, literature, and the arts.

These diverse professional, intellectual, and personal treks have led (among other things) to the exploration of incompleteness and creativity in “Fuzzy on the Dark Side”...

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Website : http:///ahijazi.website
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Mob : +961 3 246 578

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