Keith Hagenbach

Keith Hagenbach

I am 70 years old but younger in spirit, mind and body [regular squash and running]. I was educated at Rugby School and Trinity College Dublin, where I earned an honours degree in Business and a BA in English. My life experience is broad. Apart from travelling the world I have been a Unilever product manager, owned and run my own successful yacht building business, and began writing during the ten years my home was the magical island of Ibiza. In recent years I worked in the NHS and now in private practice as a psychotherapist.

A life crisis at 42 launched me onto a path of personal growth and development. This brought me into contact with some inspirational guides and teachers which resulted in a passionate and enduring interest in the practical, grounded application of esoteric knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

I am a keen observer of my fellow man, fascinated by how and why each of us responds to what our life brings, and the level of consciousness and awareness we are able to bring to those responses. I enjoy applying what I observe in order to create authentic, believable, engaging characters in my writing.

In the 1980's I enjoyed success as a thriller writer. Seeking to apply my skills in visionary fiction, a very different genre, has been a challenge which I sense is an important part of my life's work.

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