Spirituality or Religion?

Spirituality or Religion?

Spirituality or Religion?

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Nov 28, 2008

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Gethin Abraham-Williams
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Christianity (general), Religion (general), Spirituality


Here is a book that will stretch our minds and imaginations and also move our hearts so that we might better serve God and the world. Most Revd Dr Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales Spirituality and religion have fallen out with each other long enough! Spirituality or Religion? shows not only that they need to make up, but why and how. As religion has become progressively self absorbed and spirituality increasingly other worldly, they have failed a generation searching for a vision of a better way. From Buchenwald to Darfur, from inner city violence to the threat of environmental catastrophe the problems facing human kind are undoubtedly immense. With Jesus of Nazareth and his extraordinary band of messengers for guides, and enlisting Celtic myth, the poetry of the ages, the insights of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and the other great religions, the story that unfolds in Spirituality or Religion? is a defiantly positive and liberating one. It’s less a matter of choice, more of seeing why and how those searching for God need both. Gethin Abraham-Williams is a Baptist minister now working as a freelance ecumenical consultant. Awarded the Cross of St Augustine by the Archbishop of Canterbury 2006 for making an enormous contribution to ecumenical relations

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