Bad Acts of the Apostles

Bad Acts of the Apostles

Bad Acts of the Apostles

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Mar 26, 2009

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Sep 30, 2011

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John Henson
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Biblical criticism & interpretation (general), History


The 2nd revised, extended, enriched edition of John Henson's most provocative, most controversial, and some have said most subversive book.

From the very beginning Christians have sought alternative authorities apostolic authority, the Church Fathers, Catholicism, Scripture, Calvinism, scholarship, charismatic ecstasy. When Luke wrote his volume Two (Acts), the sequel to his Gospel, was he, like Paul, aware of the danger? Did he write simply to extol the exploits of the first Christians and prepare their leaders for canonization? This book suggests that Luke may have had other agendas. The unique opportunity his researches gave him to compare the ministry of Jesus with that of his followers led him to record some events that show the apostles in a bad light. John Henson believes that when Luke sets down these events his disapproval may be detected. In this second edition John Henson also shows how Luke champions an alternative team of apostles.

This is an unusual approach to the study of Acts. The aim is not to debunk the apostles but to encourage Christians to seek over and over again the mind of Jesus.

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