God Without God

God Without God

God Without God

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Jun 30, 2008

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Michael Hampson
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Michael Hampson has written a compelling book, challenging Christians and atheists alike. Rt Revd Laurie Green, Bishop of Bradwell God without God takes the atheist case against God as a premise, then examines what remains of the western spiritual tradition when the God of presumptive monotheism is removed. It finds right at the heart of the tradition a concept of God, a concept of the divine, far more complex and mysterious than that which the atheist rightly rejects. Far from being destroyed or diminished, the tradition flourishes in its liberation. Tackling every issue head-on, the major sections are God, Ethics, Bible, Creed, and Home life, Sex and Gender. God is the ground of all being and the sum of all divinity, the ultimate reality and mystery at the heart of our existence. The ethical system is the call to full humanity: integrity and compassion in place of disintegration. The bible and the creed come alive with new insights once the false god defined and rejected by atheism is removed from the frame of reference. The final section on home life, sex and gender uncovers more surprising and radical insights from and into the authentic western spiritual tradition. The tradition emerges with a timeless and profound integrity for body, mind and spirit. Michael Hampson has degrees in Philosophy, Psychology and Theology, worked as a Church of England priest for thirteen years, and now works full time as a writer and retreat leader. He has written Head versus Heart(O Books 2005) and Last Rites(Granta 2006). He lives in Lancashire, UK.

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