Peter Fritsch

Peter Fritsch

Fritsch is a businessman, writer, seminar teacher, Episcopal priest, and spiritual director. He is married to Dr. Mónika Fakas, a Hungarian medical doctor. They live in San Diego, California, and the university city of Pécs, in southwestern Hungary. Fritsch, raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Westport Connecticut, has also lived throughout the United States in California, Texas, Massachusetts, and Oregon.

Fritsch was a franchise owner in the service factor while raising his children, then sold the business to attend seminary and become ordained as an Episcopal priest. He was a church planter for the Episcopal Church in 1992, forming a new congregation from its conception for young unchurched families in the Sacramento area which grew to five hundred people in five years. Peter is a pragmatic teacher of spirituality, with an open, scholastic mind and training.

He holds a Bachelor of Music Therapy and a Masters of Divinity and uses this knowledge with his training in Jungian Psychology to help people discover God's presence in their lives, regardless of their religious or nonreligious orientation. He has been teaching dreamwork, healing prayer, and other inner life practices for over thirty years throughout the United States and in Hungary. Fritsch enjoys hiking, cooking, traveling, songwriting, piano, and guitar while staying in close contact with friends in Europe, Africa, Central America, Australia, and China.

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