Carl and Margery Post Abbott

Carl and Margery Post Abbott

This is a joint submission from Margery Post Abbott and Carl Abbott, Quakers in the United States.

Margery Post Abbott is a past Clerk (chief presiding officer) of Friends Committee on National Legislation, the Quaker lobby group on Capitol Hill, and has also served on the Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council and the Kaiser Permanente Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects. She is a teacher and writer with many authored and edited books on Quaker theology and practice.

She has been the Willson Lecturer at Earlham School of Religion in Indiana and the Ward Lecturer at Guilford College in North Carolina, as well as an invited speaker at the 1997 International Quaker consultation on Identity, Authority and Community held in Birmingham, England and a contributor to the publications resulting from that gathering. As the Howard and Anna Brinton Visitor, as a retreat leader, and as a speaker, she has visited widely among Friends in the western United States. She has also taught at Pendle Hill Quaker Center in Pennsylvania, Woodbrooke Study Center in England, and Ben Lomond Quaker Center in California. In 2017 she was the Backhouse Lecturer for Australia Yearly Meeting.

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Carl Abbott is Emeritus Professor of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University, and has also held endowed visiting professorships at George Washington University and the University of Oregon. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He has written several books about regional planning, the history of American cities, and science fiction. He has served as co-editor of the Journal of the American Planning Association and the Pacific Historical Review and has been president of the Urban History Association and the Pacific Coast Branch-American Historical Association. . His book The Metropolitan Frontier won the Urban History Association prize and has been translated into Chinese. Recent books include How Cities Won the West: Four Centuries of Urban Change in Western North America; Imagining Urban Futures: Cities in Science Fiction and What We Might Learn from Them, which has just appeared in a Chinese translation; and City Planning: A Very Short Introduction. Recent online articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books,, The Conversation, Public Books, and Bloomberg CityLab.

They live in Portland, Oregon.

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