Kristof Van Rossem

Kristof Van Rossem

Kristof Van Rossem is a philosopher from Belgium born 1969. He holds a Master degree in Philosophy and in Sciences of Religion (KULeuven). For more than 20 years now he has been working as an independent trainer specialised in the art of questioning and in Socratic dialogue. He works for individuals and for organisations: governments, companies, schools, hospitals, prisons, federations,.. He has trained doctors in critical thinking for a big HIVprogram in Pretoria, he trained questioning techniques for prison guards of terrorist in Rotterdam, he led workshops for the training of philosophical practitioners in Mexico City etc.

The last few years Kristof is engaged in programs about 'deradicalisation' mostly in The Netherlands. Kristof is leading an annual training course in Socratic dialogue facilitation a.o. at the International School for Philosophy - Leusden, the Netherlands. He is also a trainer in Socratic skills for Comenius Leadership programs and is as well teaching Business Ethics at Odisee University College of Brussels. He is a teacher trainer in philosophy for the University of Leuven (KUL).

As a writer, Kristof published books and articles mainly on philosophical practise.

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