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22/08/23 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr
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Phantoms In The Night Or ETs?

My Lifelong Experience Of Contact With The Paranormal.

By Lorraine McAdam/ www.6th-books.com

Alien abduction

Waiting For The Truth

I saw a child; she was just twelve,

When they came knocking on her door,

She was waiting for the truth.

The first stanza from my poem that I quote here could be said to be a summary of how I still feel about being abducted by ETs forty years on. Indeed, I would argue, that this is how it feels for most abductees and experiencers of what is largely still a life that is being lived alongside the unknown.

Even with so much literature now being available from brave researchers, I would still argue that only an alien abductee knows how it feels to be an abductee. I know this because, although I have read at great length about people like myself and talked to them online, sharing similar experiences and exchanging mutual empathy; you are still nonetheless left feeling totally baffled in the face of what you have come up against. In the light of this, I have to ask myself, will the truth ever be known?

There is one truth that I am sure of, though; abduction needs to be talked about! And I say this with a feeling of urgency because, as I write this blog, there are thousands for whom waiting seems forever and who are indeed living alongside the unknown on a daily basis, the unknown about what has happened to them, the unknown about how people in their families will react if they try to talk about their experiences, and the unknown of what will happen if they attempt to go one step further and attempt to tell the wider public what has happened to them.

Why is this the case?

Well, it is the case because, for the last seventy-plus years, I believe that those ‘in the know’ have deliberately maintained a policy of paranoid secrecy and obfuscation around the ET/UFO agenda.


In the words of my poem, I will postulate that the reason for this attitude has been because those who have kept the secrets for so long have themselves been ‘waiting for the truth’ too and were afraid to let the public know that truth in turn, since doing so would highlight the fact that we were, and still are essentially helpless in the face of superior technologies and interactions with ETs that we understand very little about. After all, how would you interact with a Dolphin? Could you communicate with it effectively? So then, do you begin to see the dilemma?

So how did a girl of twelve even begin to articulate what was happening to her on consecutive nights during the late seventies? What shaped her worldview then, and what shapes it today? Did she even know what it was that she was interacting with back then?

The truth was that she didn’t. In the mid-seventies, when I first started having experiences with the ‘high strangeness’ that has come to shape my life in ways I would never imagine, the availability of any literature on the subject of ETs of any kind, much less the now familiar alien Greys, was scarce to none.

Being a devout Christian at that time, what started to happen to me absolutely terrified me and traumatised me in turn, but because of the enormous success of the powers that be in hiding this subject and its materials from the public, I did not for one minute start to connect my experiences with an ET presence! Instead, being steeped in Anglican Church doctrine, I concluded that my nightly visitors were demons and that they were conducting an active campaign of persecution against my person.

You will find me talking about this in a chapter of ‘Phantoms In The Night Or ETs? My Lifelong Experience Of Contact With The Paranormal.’’ and yes, the ambiguity of my book’s title was indeed a deliberate attempt on my part to convey the shock that people experience when they meet ET contact head-on for the first time. It will most definitely be coloured by your world view because, after all, this will be the only yardstick by which your brain will be able to measure the experience.

So don’t be surprised or dismayed one day if, like me, you suddenly find yourself sitting in a room, reading a book, any book that attempts to analyse the ET abduction phenomena, and it suddenly occurs to you that, that thing you thought was a ghost, a demon, or a large and unusual owl, was in fact an ET all along.

The details of what happened to me during these encounters are clearly talked about in my book, ‘Phantoms In The Night or ETs, My Life Long Experience of Contact With The Paranormal’, so I will not go into that here, but suffice it to say that my teenage self had no remit to consult with persons who might be suffering similarly, as I would today.

In fact, I suffered more or less in silence for forty years; simply because I had no framework on which to hang my strange experiences. My mum didn’t want to know and put it all down to my imagination; she eventually threatened to take me to see a psychiatrist.

I wonder, how many persons out there today, as I write this blog, have experienced exactly the same attitude from some close family member or friend?

Even as late as 1986, when I went on holiday to Cyprus and had benevolent encounters with what I now believe were the ‘Nordic’ aliens, I had no idea what I had come up against till years later, and concluded that I had literally encountered a group of angels!

It was not until I read Strieber’s pivotal book, ‘Communion’ in 1992, that I began to have any kind of clue about what had happened to me.

But reconciling your ordinary, everyday life with this contact thing is never easy because, by its very nature, it is so alien, so otherworldly, that there is no mental file large enough to contain it, and its contents will, and do keep falling out into your everyday life. So what do you do with this information that is too much to hold in and too heavy to carry alone? That is a good question.

You search, that’s what you do until you begin to find some answers, and by the late nineties, some answers were at least starting to come out, and I also realised that others had experienced the same ‘high strangeness’ that I had experienced, and this was an enormous relief to me. I would argue that a sea change is happening as I write. This then is enlightening, but from what I am still learning through going through this process is that there are still thousands of people living in fear and even denial about their experiences.

It is for this reason that I finally found the courage to write my book. Therefore, it is my sincere hope that my coming out about it will help me reach others, who, like me, are in need of help whilst they continue to wrestle with the unknown, and the mystery of just what it is that has happened to them, because we are indeed, still ‘waiting for the truth’, and whether we will ever find it is a question that I cannot answer.

Phantoms in the Night or ETs? My Lifelong Experience of Contact with The Paranormal by Lorraine McAdam is available from www.6th-books.com and from wherever books are sold.


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