​An Exploration of Trance Mediumship

12/10/22 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr

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An Exploration of Trance Mediumship

by Chris Ratter Psychic Surgeon /www.6th-books.com


An extraordinary book from an expert in the arena of psychic surgery. A must read! - The Paranormal Chronicles

Following on from the gentle wisdom of Mediumship Within, Chris Ratter now brings us more of his Spirit-guided learnings, offering guidance and insights into the special union that is the world of trance and healing.

Chris’ latest book, An Exploration of Trance Mediumship, explores the process, mechanics, opportunities and challenges of working in the trance states under various scenarios and offers a rare insight into the world and workings of a trance healer and psychic surgeon.

Being the most important and fundamental aspect of your spiritual unfoldment, Chris begins this lovely book by highlighting the importance of trust and how placing his trust firmly with his friends in the Spirit world has brought so many blessings, gifts and synchronicities into his life.Of course, trust is also central to the work that Chris undertakes as a healer, alongside his team of most esteemed guides.

Introducing each of his principal guides to us, Chris gives a fascinating insight into how they came into his life and the roles that they fulfil in the work that Chris does as a healer, medium, psychic surgeon and teacher.Interwoven with fascinating stories, Chris brings to life each of their personalities and sometimes even, the life that they led.Many of Chris’ guides will be very well-known to those in the Spiritualist community; great names like Harry Edwards and Jack Webber.But the lesser known names are equally important and their stories just as fascinating; the likes Charlie Chuckles (just a young boy) always brings a comedic flavour to the important work that is being undertaken and often has our author in stitches with his antics!

Through his guides, Chris has learned so much about the processes and mechanics of trance mediumship.Indeed, what differentiates this book is that it is uniquely poised to fill some significant gaps in our understanding of the delicate exchange that leads to the true trance state and offers practical guidelines that can help in one’s own spiritual development.Whilst this book is brimming with inspiring stories, the insights and experiences Chris has accrued are a gift that can greatly further our knowledge of the mechanics and potential of trance mediumship; this is invaluable to the true trance student.

Outlining some key aspects about the energy and connection within the different trance states, there follows some very important messages about some of the challenges, pitfalls and dynamics within the energy exchange of the different trance levels.There is also a serious note about the role of spirit rescue work that may arise in the trance states.This is explained by summarising some memorable events that the author experienced and is positioned such that it allows the reader to decide whether they feel this will be part of their spiritual future, or not.

Throughout the journey into the depths and realms of trance, the medium will encounter many helpers and spiritual energies.Using some real-life examples and practical guidance, An Exploration of Trance Mediumship brings forward and insight and understanding of the purpose, potential and power of these participants.

With some truly charming stories about the role of children in trance work, Chris brings some fun and insightful experiences of the children that bring joy to his mediumship and life.Of course, Charlie Chuckles features regularly; there’s often mischief involved and our humble author is often found to be losing his keys on a regular basis!

Through a fascinating story about his daughter’s night out on the town, Chris brings an interesting perspective on the role of Spirit Helpers, which he postulates are sometimes greatly overlooked.

Similarly, there is much spurious talk about Angels without a true understanding of the power and purpose that they represent.Chris brings some beautiful stories about how angles have watched over some of his patients as they were worked on by his healing team and are just another indication of how blessed he has been on his healing journey.

Almost more spectacular than this is the involvement of the elemental world in Chris’ healing efforts.Quite unannounced and unanticipated, Chris regularly experiences the involvement of spirits from the elemental world in his healing and teaching efforts.Although deeply fascinated, Chris lets their involvement and engagement unfold as ‘they’ see fit and some of these experiences are summarised in some deeply enthralling stories.Perhaps they warrant a book in their own right, but until such times, this summary and overview must suffice!

As a teacher and healer who is internationally recognised for his gifted work with Spirit, Chris Ratter has travelled extensively, inspiring, mentoring, teaching and bringing his trance, healing and psychic surgery gifts to thousands of those in need.Once again, Chris Ratter writes with a simple elegance that comes straight from the heart.Never seeking to aggrandise or embellish, Chris presents his tales and insights in a manner that is succinct, but genuinely inspiring.Those who know Chris will speak of his humble, unassuming demeanour, and likewise, this book proffers some quite remarkable stories and insights in the most down-to-earth way.This is starkly obvious as Chris interweaves many of his healing experiences through the tails and wisdom of this book.

As is the case with Chris’ own life, woven into the fabric of every encounter and experience is a humble openness to learning and devout pursuit of the healing potential that is within us all.The stories of healing that are woven into every chapter of this book are beyond description; inspiring, heart-felt, miraculous….all of these, and more.

In every generation there is a particular essence to the wisdom communicated by Spirit, which is expressly designed to speak to the hearts and minds of those on a path and looking for answers within their own unfoldment.Of course, for this message to be heard and understood, there needs to be a messenger; somebody who has dedicated their life to the pursuit of the truth and learnings that Spirit has to offer.For those seeking the true path to trance and the gift of healing, Chris Ratter will be that messenger and this book, his greatest gift.

An Exploration of Trance Mediumship is Practical advice is integrated with personal experience to inform and guide the reader on the development of trance mediumship and trance healing.


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