Finding the right partner through Palmistry

22/10/21 | By Johnny Fincham
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Sexual palmistry: Finding the right partner through Palmistry

From Palmistry: From Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours by Johnny Fincham


Is it time for your mum to dust off her wedding hat or is your relationship destined to bite the dust?

Well, the answer may be in his hands. In the palm of his hands to be precise.

The eyes maybe a window to the soul, but the art of reading palms has been used to get a grasp on the slippery course of love since ancient times. Get a handle on whether your man is a keeper or a creep with our handy guide.

Handle with care

Start by taking his palm in your own under a good light with his fingers gently pressed together. Check the difference in length between the index and ring fingers. If they’re around the same length, or the index finger’s up to half a centimetre shorter – this is fine and average.

However, if the ring finger’s really long - more than half a centimetre longer than the index, this is linked to higher testosterone levels, a greater tendency to seek new partners and a love of the chase. Handle with extreme care!

Finger the fibber

Now for the ‘finger of truth’ - the little finger. Is it straight? If so, chances are he’s a straight talker. However if it’s bent, particularly if the top part is bent in towards the ring finger, this is a sign of someone who can bend the truth.

If it’s also a long digit as well as being bent (so that the tip comes up further than the top crease line of the ring finger) he may be good with words, but is he telling the whole truth the whole of the time?

Palm mysteries

Now get him to bend his fingers back so the palm is stretched out and all the lines are exposed. Firstly check for a passion line. This is quite a rare line that runs at a forty-five degree angle from the line of emotion (heart line) toward the ring finger. If you can see a strong, clear passion line – he’s highly-sexed, with a filthy one track mind!


But beware! Fireworks now may mean an explosive situation in the future. If you don’t keep the spark going in the bedroom, he’ll shoot off after someone else who will.

Now for the heart line – the line of emotion, and the most important for ruling relationships in life. - It shows how strongly and deeply a person can feel love and affection.

A red, straight line is direct, physical and uncomplicated. Not the most romantic lover in the world, but you’ll always know where you stand.

A straight line that crosses the whole palm, side to side is deeply committed and compassion itself. He’s got the biggest heart in the world, but you’ll have to share his affections with every ex and walking wounded on the block.

If the line’s short, weak and chained, he’s going to have trouble making a commitment to anyone and is simply not able to feel, love and share. Avoid at all costs.

A worrying sign is when you see lots of little lines near the end of the heart line. These are known as flirtation lines – he’s always going to have a roving eye. You’ll need to keep him on a tight rein at all times!

If the line has a section that’s broken off, then watch out too, – what you see is not necessarily what you get. He may be a charmer, but he’s unlikely to ever show you all that he’s really feeling.

A line ending in a cross or an island is bad news too. He’ll see disaster at the end of every love path.

If the line of emotion drops off, especially if it runs down all the way to the life line, beware: the green eyed monster of jealousy will raise it’s ugly head and ruin everything.

A clear, strong heart line that curves gently up towards the index finger is balanced, benign, loving and romantic. Get a ring on his finger ASAP!

Occasionally, The Heart line fuses into the head line to form one single line – this is known as a simian line. He’s obsessive, single minded, deep and intense – don’t flirt with this one unless you’re serious. Today’s admirer could be tomorrow’s bunny-boiler.

So now you have all you need to check him out. Don’t look deep into his eyes, look into his palm instead – it’s your very own handy passion meter.

READ Palmistry: From Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours today!



Ever wanted to learn palmistry but been confused by the mumbo-jumbo?

This no-nonsense book is for everyone and approaches palmistry in a revolutionary way. It draws on the latest scientific research into individual fingerprint patterns, and is illustrated with images of actual hands, including those of Einstein, ex-UK prime minister Tony Blair and the hands of various celebrities.

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Extract from Palmistry: From Apprentice to Pro in 24 hours

"Squeeze me, please me!
Here we’ll examine the consistency of the flesh at the base
of the palm near the thumb. From this we can find out a huge
amount about a person’s basic energy and physical resources.

Squeezing the thumb ball
Take the hand of the person you’re reading for in your own. Press
your thumb into the flesh around their thumb ball while gripping
the back of the palm with your fingers.
Beneath the semi-circular fleshy padding around the thumb’s
base is the hand’s major artery which splits here into various
smaller blood vessels. The protective padding here - its size,
warmth and firmness - is a good indicator of a person’s general
muscle development, blood circulation, zest for life and physical

Full but flabby
If the flesh forms a full and high mound, but it’s flabby, so the
pad is easily crushed, there’s acute sensuality but poor muscular
development. This is particularly true if the palm skin is also moist.
People with such qualities are pleasure-seekers who love food,
drink and the pleasures of the flesh. They can find it difficult to diet
and are inclined to make hard work of exercise. The key here is
to encourage them to find a form of exercise they enjoy, i.e.
swimming or dancing.

Full and firm
If the flesh here is full, firm, warm and springy, it shows a
passionate, lusty vitality, abundant energy and human warmth.

Firm, full and hard
When the pad is full but rock hard (almost as if made
of wood) the person has enormous physical toughness. They’re
extremely hardy, emotively repressive and rather rigid
psychologically. Good advice to give is for them to have regular
massage treatments. This will release tight muscles physically and
open them out emotionally.

Flat and cold
If the fleshy pad is flat and cold, there is a consequent lassitude,
emotional coolness and lack of vital energy, but often a stubborn
Such people should be advised to do aerobic exercise, which
will increase circulation and lift energy levels.

The unremarkable average
If the pad is half-raised and fairly firm, this is a general average.
Maintaining our golden rule of ignoring anything average, we’ll
dismiss this sign of a fair but unremarkable quality of vital energy.

Secret palmist assignment
While you’re learning palmistry, try to keep it a secret from the
world at large until you’ve gained plenty of experience. Once
people know you’re a palmist, you may get trampled in the rush as
everyone thrusts their palm in your face! This can be intimidating;
you need to gain confidence quietly while remaining incognito.
Use only trusted friends and relatives as your initial ‘guinea pigs’.
Get into the habit of being a secret palm-watcher. Examine
people’s hands from a distance - see if you can see a relationship
between the length of the fingers and the length of someone’s
limbs. Look at the size of the thumb ball on people’s hands. If you
shake someone’s hand, try to feel this area. Observe how those
with full, firm thumb balls are vital, energetic people and those
with a flat mount the reverse"


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