Your Essential Autumn Reading List is HERE

24/09/21 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr
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Your Essential Autumn Reading List is Here!

Collective Ink


Autumn Reading ~ October 2021~ Hot NEW releases


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The Gallic Cooking-Pot

Asking the daring question: “Why can’t the rest of the world get on with the French?”, the book offers some illuminating answers and provides tools and tips to solve this

Have you ever imagined that fabulous qualities could be hidden behind the moody exterior of the French? No?
Then you have not discovered their full beauty.

It will be revealed to you in this highly entertaining yet informative book.

The author, a French national, also provides you with tools and tips on how to interact with her compatriots, should some situations turn a little tense – as they well might.

The risk is that, after reading this book, you will not only appreciate the culture, food, wines and landscapes of France, but you will never again mutter « shame about the French » under your breath.

Instead, you will be proclaiming : «Vive la Différence!»

Gallic cooking


Good Grief

An inspiring companion for your journey through grief.

Grief is closely associated with death, but can be triggered when we lose anything with which we have an emotional connection.

Much that can be read about the grieving process is outdated and can serve an injustice to our rapidly evolving, modern society. In conjunction with recent medical and societal advancements, new and complex presentations of grief have arisen. As a result, our own journey through grief must also evolve in order for us to effectively heal and even flourish as a result of our experiences surrounding loss.

Delivering an eclectic blend of medical and spiritual observations and teachings, Good Grief: The A to Z Approach of Modern Day Grief Healing addresses life as well as death, and provides a practical guidebook for your unique grief journey. It goes beyond the conventional views that we are just a physical body, aiming to enlighten and encourage the reader to use the tools within the pages to bring about a collateral beauty that reveals great strength, personal growth, and spiritual emergence

Good grief


A Guide of Spirits

Learn the magick of energy healing for those on their sacred journey into the land of the ancestors.

Learn the magick of energy healing for those on their sacred journey into the land of the ancestors.

A Guide of Spirits teaches us how to guide the dying to the land of the ancestors in a way that is balancing and healing. It teaches us how to help the person who is transitioning energetically and spiritually prepare for their final journey to the afterlife. Chris Allaun also shows the witch and healer how to escort earthbound spirits to the ancestral lands so they may find healing and rejuvenation.

This is a step-by-step 'how to' book to help every witch, healer, and shaman lend comfort and compassion to the dying.


I Ching

The I Ching Oracle

A comprehensive and clearly written manual for consulting the I Ching oracle

The I Ching Oracle – A guide through the human maze is designed to help the reader find a way through the complexities and challenges of everyday life.

Timothy and Johanna Dowdle show the reader how to consult the I Ching oracle and receive clear answers to important questions. They explain the methods used for consulting the oracle and how the oracle responds to the reader's questions. The authors also provide a series of examples from their own consultations to illustrate how the I Ching has guided them through many difficult situations. All of the descriptions of the I Ching hexagrams are based on the authors' lives. These autobiographical narratives can help and support everyone who is living through similar experiences.

For those who are familiar with the I Ching and have been consulting the oracle, this book offers new methods for interpreting hexagrams with multiple moving lines and static hexagrams. These methods have proven to give consistently clear and accurate answers to the authors' questions over many years of consultations.

Timothy and Johanna Dowdle are an Anglo-Dutch couple who have lived and worked in many different countries and are currently living in the Netherlands. Over the years the authors have studied and practised the art of divination, using divination as a tool for making important decisions. A red thread running through their lives together has been The I Ching or Book of Changes. Their aim is to share the knowledge and wisdom of the I Ching and make it accessible to everyone.

I ching


Kabbalistic Panpsychism

A novel Kabbalistic synthesis on the nature of consciousness

From a scientific and philosophical point of view, there is arguably no phenomenon as intractable as the origin and nature of consciousness. This volume provides a comprehensive account of the Kabbalistic understanding of consciousness adduced from ancient Jewish mystical texts and the writings of key sixteenth-twentieth century Kabbalistic and Chassidic luminaries.



The Memeing of Mark Fisher

The Frankfurt School meets Fisher in this critique of capitalism incorporating memes, mental illness and psychedelia into a proposed counterculture.

Spring 2020 to 2021 was the year that did not take place. We witnessed a depression, not economically speaking, but in the psychological sense: A clinical depression of and by society itself. This depression was brought about not just by Covid isolation, but by the digital economy, fueled by social media and the meme. In the aftermath, this book revisits the main Frankfurt School theorists, Adorno, Horkheimer, Benjamin and Marcuse, who worked in the shadow of World War Two, during the rise of the culture industry.

In examining their thoughts and drawing parallels with Fisher's Capitalist Realism, The Memeing of Mark Fisher aims to render the Frankfurt School as an incisive theoretical toolbox for the post-Covid digital age. Taking in the phenomena of QAnon, twitch streaming, and memes it argues that the dichotomy between culture and political praxis is a false one. Finally, as more people have access to the means for theoretical and cultural broadcasting, it is urged that the online left uses that access to build a real life cultural and political movement.



Nature's Sacrament

In a sacramental ecology, divine grace is to be found in the evolutionary emergence of life.

The ‘Epic of Evolution’ is the scientific story that reveals that we live in an approximately 14 billion year old universe on a planet that is approximately 4.6 billion years old and that we are a part of the ongoing process of life that has existed on Earth for roughly 4 billion years. Nature's Sacrament focuses on the religious and ecological significance of the evolutionary epic in an effort to seamlessly connect the ecological value attributed as a part of an understanding of the evolutionary connectedness of life on Earth, with the Divine grace understood to be present in Christian sacramental worship.

David C. McDuffie is a faculty member in the Religious Studies Department at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where his primary teaching schedule includes courses in World Religions, Religion in America, Christian History, Religion and Environment, and Religion and Politics. Broadly, his research and teaching interests involve the subject area of Religion and Culture, which includes but is not limited to the relationships between religion and politics, science, and health care. This is his first book.



Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Magical Living

A modern-day grimoire for the lover of ordinary magic, natural spirituality, and all things witchy.

This guide is full proverbial spells, daily conjurings, and mystical insights designed to help those in search of a little more magic in their day to day life, no complicated spells, expensive accessories, or experience required. That’s the thing about everyday magic: it’s always within reach, within the self, and in the world. Only not in the way readers might normally think. It’s a less mumbling 'double double toil and trouble' over a cauldron and trouble and a more cooking a delicious soup in a beloved cast iron pot. It’s simple. It’s mundane. It’s magic!

This book offers grounded mystical practices, including how to turn routines into healing rituals, to teach readers how to connect to themselves, the Universe, and the magic of everyday life. Journey into the realm of pleasure magic, radical self-care, synchronicity, and the profound joy of living a life beyond the expected with this alternative guide to daily mystic practices.

After all, true magic is in the everyday.



Quaker Quicks - Hearing the Light

Quakers say that we understand God when we listen or pay attention to the Divine Light which is within everyone.

Quaker Quicks - Hearing the Light begins with the foundations of Quaker theology, which is based in the Quaker method of unprogrammed, silent worship. This act of gathering as a community to wait and listen to God is at the heart of Quakerism and essential to understanding Quaker theology, which is embedded in the practice as well as explained by it. Rhiannon Grant shows how Central Quaker theological claims, such as that everyone has that of God within them, that God offers support and guidance to all who choose to listen, and that Quakers as a community are led by God to treat everyone equally, resist war, and live simply, can be understood through a consideration of this distinctive worship practice.

Rhiannon Grant also explores what it means to say that this form of theology is liberal - although many Quakers are politically liberal, they have also been called "conservative radicals" (Kenneth Boulding), and the liberalism involved is not mainly political but an attitude towards diversity of thought, opinion, and especially religious belief. While united by the practice of unprogrammed worship, Quakers have no written creed and no specific beliefs are required of members. Instead, there is a prevailing attitude of continued searching, an acceptance that new evidence may appear, and a willingness to learn from others, including members of other faith communities. At a time of great religious and political division, this radical approach to faith and learning that Grant sheds light upon, has never been more prescient.




The Deceptive Brain

We are not whom we seem to be. Not even close.

Preposterous as it sounds, we are not who we seem to be.

Not even close. At the heart of this misperception is our deep-seated conviction of free choice. Based on emerging neurobehavioral science findings, The Deceptive Brain makes the case for human experience as a narrative illusion—an executive summary of sorts—that emerges from an incredibly complex brain.

The Deceptive Brain drills down on what this finding means for the way we blame and punish, and presents a bold alternative approach to criminal justice based on blameless responsibility.



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