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28/01/22 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr


February 2022 Reading ~ Hot NEW releases

Collective Ink offers a vast range of carefully crafted and selected titles available in paperback and on all E-readers, through Amazon, Kindle, Hive, Barnes and Noble, and where ever books are sold.

You are never alone when you have a great book to read...

Click a title to begin your reading adventure today.


Beneath the Moon

She has the power to transform your life, you have the power within you to do the same…


Beyond Sex and Soup

A healer reveals powerful invisible ‘tools’ to expand your horizons and overcome personal challenges

Greta Thunberg

Earth Spirit: Healthy Planet

A concise summary of the global ecological crisis and our options for healing the planet.


The Effective Presenter

The Playbook to Professional Presentation Success!


Flowering Into Awareness

Immerse yourself in the wonderful adventure of self-discovery and the ever-expanding realisation of truth


Free Marcus Katz!!!

An online community of millions follows with breathless anticipation as a young fugitive from injustice chronicles in real time an emotion-filled journey of escape and romance on his favorite medium and confessional: Yelp.


Laid Bare: What the Business Leader Learnt From the Stripper

The naked truth about building a transparent organisation and leadership of the future.


No One Playing

Intention is in tension - learning to take the stress out of performance


One Day In June

All his adult life Adrian Kramer had carried around with him a secret. But was it as big a secret, or one as explosive or life-threatening as the secret he stumbled into?


Pagan Portals - Sekhmet

An invitation to come face to face with the incarnate female power of ancient Egypt.


Reiki: A Self-Practice To Live in Peace with Self and Others

Getting To Peacefulness With Reiki Practice

Relax Kids

Relax Kids: A Monster Handbook

Helping kids deal with their monstrous emotions.

Relax Kids

Relax Kids: Colour ME

Using colouring to encourage children to think and open their minds.

Relax Kids

Relax Kids: Press Here

Helping children take their emotional health into their hands

Relax Kids

Relax Kids: The Dream Machine

With 100,000 combinations of story visualisations, children will have a different adventure each time they step through the portal of their imagination.


Spirituality Will Save The World

A survey of ancient spirituality and Self-realization for the embodied soul in the modern day.



God, the Devil and Me

Last days testimony of a seeker escaping the mirage of a sect to find truth

Do you have a dream of being a published author?

Collective Ink is an independent publisher with sales teams worldwide welcoming new authors and unsolicited manuscript submissions.

We publish Fiction and Non-Fiction, across 24 imprints. We build long-term backlists (our books never go out of print), discover and develop long-term relationships with stand-out authors and publish best-in-class series.

For our authors, we provide an automated production system, forums, a marketing database with over 40,000 contacts and other online tools to produce and market each book. We partner with our authors on marketing, reaching all the traditional bookstore markets for print books, worldwide, and all online retailers.


Everything is based on transparency. Authors can see everything that’s going on, including monthly accounts. They have access to our contacts database, can add to it, can even get involved in the business. Most of the people working here came into it as authors.

And it doesn't get any more transparent than this: below you will see a real-time snapshot of the data in our system. The numbers are just presented here to demonstrate the kind of company we want to be... where authors pool resources because we are stronger together.




Collective Ink


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