Seeker's Guide to Harry Potter, The

Seeker's Guide to Harry Potter, The

Seeker's Guide to Harry Potter, The

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Mar 27, 2008

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Dr Geo Trevarthen
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Finalist for the Foreword Book of the Year prize (Popular culture) also finalist in Popular Culture for the 2009 USA Book News Best Books Award (Popular Culture) Seize this opportunity to look more deeply into the narrative themes, symbols and mythic elements encountered in the Harry Potter books. Drawing from diverse spiritual and scholarly sources, The Seekers Guide to Harry Potter offers seekers of all kinds an open-minded guide to the rich layers of meaning and symbolism we encounter in all seven of the novels. The Seekers Guide doesnt try to read J.K. Rowlings mind to understand the symbolism she may or may not have meant, but reads the symbols as they appear, revealing the layers of meaning as they are traditionally held. Drawing from anthropology, ritual, theology and psychology, this book offers fans of any or no spiritual faith a deeper sense of the magic and meaning in the Harry Potter novels and in their own lives.

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