G.L. Davies

G.L. Davies

G.L. Davies is the author of the worldwide bestselling A Most Haunted House. He created theparanormalchronicles.com in October 2013
Born in 1975, G L Davies lives in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. He studied hauntings in 19th century literature.

Davies' passion has always been for the paranormal and has spent years listening to and collating local ghost stories and myths. He admits he is on the fence in terms of his beliefs; he has witnessed many strange occurrences in his life but prefers to travel the psychological and rational route before making any assumptions. He respects the views of all on the subject, maintaining that no person alive has the necessary knowledge and understanding of time, space and the intricacies of the human mind to be certain about the paranormal.

Davies' paranormal reports for theparanormalchronicles.com and Pembrokeshire Beyond have made national and international news. His roadside haunting report was covered in the Fortean Times in June 2015. Davies conducted a live investigation for 102.5 Radio Pembrokeshire, and his first book A Most Haunted House featured in the September 2015 Issue of Take a Break: Fate and Fortune, August 2015 issue. His work on Spectrophilia featured in Paranormal Underground Magazine in May 2016.

Davies is the originator of the Pembrokeshire haunted road trips, and the founder of the Webcast The Paranormal Chronicles Network on YouTube, presenting shows with Dave Dominguez on a number of Paranormal subjects. In the summer of 2016 he conducted a live talk on Pembrokeshire Ghosts and Myths at Castell Henlyss.

He has guested on multiple Paranormal radio shows including Coast to Coast A.M. and Paranormal Soup with Jason Bland, as well as featuring on BBC Radio Wales.

G L Davies describes himself as down to earth and passionate about the paranormal. He has been quoted as saying, 'There will be a day where the paranormal will simply be known as normal. I long for that day.'

He is working on several new projects and investigations including TV and film projects. Follow The Paranormal Chronicles on Facebook so you never miss a thing.

If you would like to contact G L Davies about his books, investigations or to guest on TPCN then please email him at paranormalchronicles@aol.com

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