Gordon Phinn

Gordon Phinn

After thirty years of intensive study and experiential psychic exploration, Gordon Phinn is now writing what he knows of eternal life and our spiritual education on this planet, where the various planes of spirit provide exploratory playgrounds upon which our thirst for experience and knowledge can be satiated.

We grow and explore, we suffer and expand. We get bigger as we go. Our need to understand is balanced by our need to bang about in the dark and bruise ourselves.

Gordon's something of an expert in these areas. "Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It" and "More Adventures in Eternity" cover much of the territory for the experienced metaphysical seeker. "An American in Heaven" unveils the astral plane for the younger and more mainstream fiction audience, especially those who devour the chic-lit section of the bookstore.

Gordon lives in Toronto, Canada, where he contributes essays to literary periodicals, guests on various radio shows, conducts weekend seminars on psychic development, and offers one on one spiritual counselling and practices distance healing with clients the world over. His website is "www.thewordofgord.com" and his teaching, Maitreya channelings and wry commentaries are available on YouTube and Google Video under "thewordofgord".

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