Imran Omer

Imran Omer

Imran was born in Karachi and studied in Karachi and Chicago. A graduate of the University of Illinois and American College of Education, Imran teaches Art and English as a Second Language (ESL). He has taught in the United States, Oman and Saudi Arabia. He loves teaching but his passion lies in painting and writing. His artwork and some of his articles can be seen at He resides in Homewood, Illinois.

Imran has three published books in Urdu, including a translation. His journey started with On The Last Day of Spring, which portrays the significant but usually unappreciated role played by the communist party of India in the struggle for the Independence. Imran's second novel, The Dessert of Loneliness, is set against the backdrop of the war of 1970 between India and Pakistan, and the birth of Bangladesh after a short but bloody war.

As a young man, Imran witnessed the chaos in Pakistan which resulted from the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1980. Entangled Lives is partly a memoir of those times. While the war touched the society as a whole, it was the vulnerable people on the lower rungs of the economic ladder who were most affected. Young men that were seduced by the madrassahs, working under the patronage of the state, were sacrificed in the fire of the war. Entangled Lives is the story of those young men.

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