Christopher J. Newman

Christopher J. Newman

Christopher J. Newman was born and raised in North Carolina where he began writing stories from the back row of his high school math and science classes. What began as a hobby quickly turned into an obsession and Newman's passion for storytelling took on two specific forms; novel writing and filmmaking. He spent the next ten years working as a freelance filmmaker by day and writing novels by night.

In 2019, Newman decided to pursue writing further and moved to the United Kingdom to earn his Master's Degree in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. His year and a half spent abroad provided the inspiration for his debut novel, BY WAY OF PARIS. The novel served as his dissertation for his master's program and was awarded a distinction.

Newman currently works in marketing for a non-profit organization, moonlights as a freelance filmmaker, and works part-time as a university instructor, where he teaches storytelling through film.

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