Alex Lockwood

Alex Lockwood

Alex Lockwood is a writer and scholar living in the North of England. A former international journalist reporting from Albania to Zambia, he writes regularly for The Millions, The Guardian, Earthlines magazine, Like the Wind magazine,, and other titles.

The recipient of a 2014 Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship for his work in environmental education, he is the author of The Pig in Thin Air (Lantern Books, NY, 2016) his memoir about that journey across the USA and Canada exploring how we live alongside other animals. Holding a Phd in Creative Writing from Newcastle University (tutored by Booker-longlisted Andrew Crumey), he teaches journalism part-time and has been commissioned to produce an eight-part narrative podcast exploring responses to climate change through story.

A hard working author, in 2016 he spent five months and a lot of his own money on a 40-venue, UK, US and Canada debut book tour. A well known speaker within the environmental education and animal protection field, he has just finished a 22-date tour of festivals to continue promotion for his current book. He is active on social media and committed to the marketing and promotion of his writing, and the writing of others.

He has a particular interest in literature that looks beyond the human to our bonds with nonhuman others and place. His passion is for both fiction and non-fiction, writing stories that explore the changing world through our most meaningful relationships.

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