Wayne Saalman

Wayne Saalman

Wayne Saalman was born in Ohio in the USA. He has specialized in fictional thrillers with plots that center around advanced levels of technology and freestyle spirituality. He is a novelist, poet, painter, musician and songwriter. He first published with New Falcon Publications in 1988 and again in 1990. His first novel was entitled The Dream Illuminati. The follow up was The Illuminati of Immortality. Both books carried extensive introductions by Robert Anton Wilson. The Dream Illuminati was updated, expanded and republished in 2010.

In 2015, the author self-published a novel entitled Dragonfire Dreams and in 2019 one entitled Crimson Firestorm Mars.

His books have been lauded by Dr Christopher S Hyatt, Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, Michael Hayes, Ken Bruen, Jason Starr and Colonel John B Alexander.

Saalman is a philosopher and metaphysician who has traveled the globe. He has deeply studied the roots of humanity's many religious and spiritual traditions, as well as numerous secret societies. For decades, he has immersed himself in the writings of the world's philosophers, mystics, yogis and wisdom masters. He regularly posts his own metaphysical writings on two websites: one in his own name on Medium.com and one on Wordpress.com called Quickfire Enlightenment.

The Aquarian Revolution Rebooted is his first nonfiction work. It carries an extensive introduction by acclaimed activist author John B Alexander, Ph.D.

He lives in Galway, Ireland with his wife and two children.

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