Vanessa Tucker

Vanessa Tucker

Vanessa Tucker is a modern-day Medicine Woman, the author of The Art of You, founder of Walk your Talk Retreats, creator of Alchemy Healing, Happy Cards and co-founder of Women Weaving Change.

Combining her backgrounds in hair, theatre, therapy and education, Vanessa is a key player in the spiritual and self-actualisation movements. Her teachings and intuitive insights inspire audiences internationally; encouraging us to step into our authentic power, answer our creative calling and expand our consciousness. Her work is heart-centred, Spirit-led and transformative, with an emphasis on working with energy. Her organisation Women Weaving Change provides a space for Women to unite and creatively contribute to the much-needed rise of Feminine Consciousness.

Vanessa’s creative calling developed from the point of crisis, which led her to ask the question: What would I do if I had six months to live? Her answer took her on a spiritual pilgrimage to self-love and empowerment. Travel and India were a huge catalyst for this; so much so that she now travels extensively throughout the UK and India facilitating workshops, courses, and retreats and sharing her teaching programmes, knowledge and experiences.

As well as her one-to-one healing and therapy practice, Vanessa provides training in Reiki and Alchemy Healing supporting healers, health practitioners and coaches to increase their skill set and confidence and develop their psychic and intuitive abilities. She also specialises in mentoring creatives in the Hair and Beauty industry; guiding them to access their authentic creative power and apply it to their personal and professional lives.

Her work has been featured in Wed magazine, Spirit & Destiny magazine, Cornwall Today magazine, Guru Shots, and the Western Morning News. Her friendly and intuitive approach supports hundreds of women in their quest for healing, transformation, and clarity.

Vanessa has created and self-published Happy Cards: Just Because You Can, a set of 49 inspirational oracle cards marrying her intuitive channeling abilities and her photography. They light up the lives of all who pick them – from celebrities, contestants on The Voice, to children in the classroom.

Vanessa holds a PGCE in English and Drama, a BA Hons degree in Drama, Psychology & English Literature. She is a qualified and experienced Drama & English Teacher, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, Actor and Hairstylist.

The role of creativity has always been a central theme to Vanessa’s personal growth and pleasure. It has infused her interesting career; whether she is acting with a theatre company, dedicating 18 years to singing the blues, or travelling with her camera to the remotest Himalayan range to capture that ‘one shot’!

Her photography and jewellery designs can be found on her website.

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