Tom Evans

Tom Evans

Tom is known as the Wizard of Light Bulb Moments and is a master at breathing life into any business opportunity or issue. He has developed the uncanny ability to see possible futures and bring them into present day reality - and he can teach others to do this too.

He also blogs and microblogs under the moniker of The Bookwright and is renowned for his ability to help authors remove their writer's block and tap into their creative muse. He is also the author of BLOCKS - The Enlightened Way to Clear Writer's Blocks and Find Your Creative Flow.

The sequel to this book on Light Bulb Moments is already available and called Flavours of Thought: Recipes for Fresh Thinking. It continues in the theme to take arcane esoteric teachings and make them exoteric, understandable and of practical use. For example, Flavours is a modern day interpretation of the esoteric Major Arcana of the Tarot. Like all occult teaching, messages are hidden for those who are on their path to uncover at just the right time. As such, this book contains all the power and magic of the Major Arcana. Its messages are codified so they reach an entirely new audience.

Tom is a Master Trainer for Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping software and teaches both Whole Brain and Whole Mind Thinking. He is also a student of both the esoteric and exoteric, and switched his personal research direction from technology to the magic of the human mind. He lives in Surrey, UK.

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