Terry Welbourn

Terry Welbourn

Terry Welbourn is the author of the T.C. Lethbridge biography, The Man Who Saw the Future, (O-Books, 2011). The book features a Foreword by Colin Wilson. Terry is also co-author, along with Simon Brighton, of, Echoes of the Goddess: A Quest for the Sacred Feminine in the British Landscape (Ian Allen, 2010).

Born in Grantham, Lincolnshire in 1958, he studied at Lincolnshire College of Art during the 1970s and has worked as a graphic designer for most of his career. Terry is, however, currently working in the field of conservation and restoration.

In 1988, he chanced upon the stone circle of Avebury; an encounter that was to ignite a life-long fascination with prehistoric culture. To-date, he has visited over one-thousand monuments and accumulated a unique assemblage of photographs and accompanying notes. In 1996, he became acquainted with the musician and author Julian Cope and discovering that they shared a mutual appreciation of T.C. Lethbridge, a musical collective, known as, The Sons of T.C.-Lethbridge, was established. The collaboration, resulted in the release of, A Giant – a, x2-CD, long-box set which featured the voice of Colin Wilson. In 2005 Terry was also involved in the production of the CD, Mayday! Mayday! – The Stan Gooch EP, a recording dedicated to, and featuring, the writer Stan Gooch. The recording once again featured contributions from Colin Wilson.

Terry is currently involved in the writing of a novel and is also a member of the psychedelic folk band, DUIR, who, to-date, have released a three albums; The Stout Guardian of the Door (2007, remastered 2020), Sodden Dogs and Blind, Winged Horses (2019) and Drome (2021).

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