Sally Smith

Sally Smith

Sally is an optimist and believes in human potential. With increasing amounts of polarization becoming more and more present in the world, Sally sees this resistance as an opportunity for global growth and positive change. The one aiding force that stands above all else is implementing universal knowledge, truth, and spirituality on a massive scale. Her primary credentials are that of being an overly eager student. Through her preliminary lessons, Sally has learned how personal evolution leads way to spiritual evolution. By studying and understanding both the self and the cosmos, one can rise to see the bigger picture and shape their perspective on reality.

Sally has spent a great deal of time, effort, and contemplation in discovering her soul’s vocation. Through her writing, Sally speaks to the beginner by being a beginner herself. Her mission is to aid her soul to the best of her ability by continuing her explorations of the cosmos and sharing her lessons and discoveries with others.

A young writer and a fresh face, Sally hopes to capture the attention of her own age group so that they can grow and learn together in order to shape the future.

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