Robert Sachs

Robert Sachs

Robert Sachs was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He started his college years at Case Western Reserve University, but then moved to England where he lived and studied. Along with a more conventional educational route, Robert began to study with Tibetan Buddhist masters and embarked on a study of Asian healing systems, He received his B.A. in comparative religion and sociology at the University of Lancaster, Then, in a time when traditional and alternative health care models and systems were gaining attention and advocacy throughout Europe and the US, he moved to London, where he studied Macrobiotics at the Kushi Institute, hatha yoga, whilst also being trained as a mental health counselor with the Richmond Fellowship. Before leaving London with his new wife, Melanie, and returning to the United States, he became certified as a hatha yoga instructor with the All India Board and Inner London Education Authority, completed shiatsu training with Rex Lassalle, and was instrumental in starting the Community Health Foundation’s "Growing Family Center."

As an adult student back in the United States, Robert went on to receive a massage license from Central Ohio School of Massage and a Masters in Social Work at the University of Kentucky. Of particular interest to Robert since the late seventies has been the practical preventive health care aspects of Tibetan medicine, which he studied under the guidance of Dr. Lobsang Rapgay. Robert also focused on the healing meditations of Tibetan Buddhism, including those practices that prepare one for the time of death under Ven. Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, Lama Ole Nydahl, and other Buddhist masters. Currently, Robert continues to study under the guidance of Tibetan Buddhist master, Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche.

Most recently, Robert has studied with Dr. Darren Weissman, the founder of the LifeLine technique; a new, but ancient therapeutic tool which Robert calls Science-based Spirituality, bridging Eastern healing and spiritual traditions with the most recent findings in psychoneuroimmunology, and the transmuting effects of mind and emotions on genetics. In this he is also indebted to Dr. Ernest Rossi, with whom he has been engaged in an ongoing apprenticeship.

With a educational background and training that is as conventional as it is 'alternative,' Robert continues to work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a certified LifeLine Practitioner, massage therapist, and author. Through that time and for the last forty years, Robert has worked with physicians, clinics, hospitals, and private individuals and organizations teaching stress management and preventive health care. He is sought after as a lecturer at holistic health care conferences nationally and has hosted his own talk radio show. And, he has written numerous articles for national and international health magazines and 7 books, all focusing on physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

His book, Tibetan Ayurveda: Health Secrets from The Roof of The World is considered by Dr. Deepak Chopra and other physicians of both eastern and western traditions as one of the clearest and most usable texts on Tibetan Ayurveda available.

Along with his wife, Melanie, Robert runs Diamond Way Ayurveda, the foremost promoters of Ayurveda in the spa and beauty industries. Together, they have recently released a seminal wellness book entitled, Ayurvedic Spa (Lotus Press). They live and teach on their urban farm in Oceano, California.

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