Raquel Reyna

Raquel Reyna

Raquel Reyna, a revolutionary Human Design teacher, has her Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology. She has been on a spiritual journey of awakening since age of 23 when she traveled the world going through a Shamanic initiation with one of the most powerful Shamans in the world. She is a spiritual shock igniter who has since helped countless people transform their lives by understanding their personalized success code in her Internationally known Creative Coaching Certification School, she founded.

Spiritualized Biz Coach, Author, Influencer, and Transformation Initiator. She now utilizes shamanic principles, Law of Attraction, psychology spiritual development tools, and Human Design mastery to unleash an entirely new level of education for people to awaken to their truth and live a life reflecting this truth, she is committed to the service of humanity’s awakening.

At one time, Raquel was climbing the corporate ladder and a representative for her company traveling the world, speaking on shows like the Tyra Banks and The View; until she gave up her corporate career in her 40's, with no safety net, for a creative entrepreneurial dream. She launched online after learning she was a Projector from a whole new perspective on how to #nothustle her way to success. She has since interviewed such thought leaders as Marianne Williamson and David Avocado Woolfe. She has been featured in the magazine ShouOut LA, Voyage LA, Spiritual Badass Magazine, was on the cover of Spiritual Biz Magazine, and was featured on several podcasts. She has an international community of over 60,000 mutants. Raquel's intention is to usher in the Era of the Individual and support the collective during this time of significant change.

Raquel is a modern-day mystic who spent many years traveling the world to power spots and seeking knowledge from great spiritual teachers before realizing all the world's wisdom is within.
Her greatest passion is dedicating her life to be one of service, sharing with others the gift of their own inner DNA code that gives them superpowers beyond imagination. As people begin to embody their own inner sovereign power, they gain clarity, strength, wisdom, and capacity they never knew they had.

Raquel now lives with her life and business partner Davidian Lyon and her familiar Biju. She teaches her clientele how to live their design, creates powerful education courses, creative musings, foxy5d products, and mystical videos in their store and on their YouTube Channel-Raquel and Davidian Unleash Your Genius and foxy5d.com.

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