Philip Gold

Philip Gold

Philip Gold is a nationally respected and extraordinarily prescient defense analyst, journalist, author and cultural historian. He is the author of six nonfiction books and over eight hundred articles, columns and reviews. His next book, "Closing Ranks: The Citizen’s Guide to a New Defense" is under contract to Praeger.

Philip received his B.A. in History from Yale, then joined the Marines. He served eleven years, active and reserve, retiring as a major with a primary specialty in intelligence. He received his Ph.D. in American Cultural History from Georgetown, where he taught for fourteen years. He has been a fellow of two think tanks (IFPA, Discovery); a staff writer for a national news magazine (the now-defunct Insight); a syndicated and independent op-ed columnist; and a chronic contributor to several publications.

In the spring and summer of 2001, Philip predicted an imminent major terrorist strike. A year later, he became one of America’s first conservatives to publicly oppose the upcoming Iraq war and the Bush/neocon delusion: a stance that got him invited to leave a semi-prominent think tank (Discovery Institute). This completed his break with conservatism, a tale told in his two-years-ahead-of-its-time 2004 book, "Take Back the Right: How the Neocons and the Religious Right Have Betrayed the Conservative Movement" (Carroll & Graf). His 2006 book, "The Coming Draft" (Presidio) pointed to a new understanding of military service in America.

Philip does a popular blog for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Progressive FormerCons" at

Philip lives in the woods about seventy miles southwest of Seattle with his wife, Erin Solaro, author of "Women in the Line of Fire," (Seal, 2006) based on her experiences embedded with combat troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her current project is "All the Sisters and All the Brothers: Real Feminism for Real Americans."

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