Mick Quinn

Mick Quinn

Mick Quinn is an Irish-born author and educator is a former Wall Street company director. He has been studying the evolution of consciousness and perennial philosophy since 1991. The author is also a marketing expert and a serial entrepreneur starting, running, and selling four successful multi-million startups in seven years.

His work has been quoted in newspapers and magazines including The Washington Post, ADD Magazine, and Woman's World. Mick participates in radio shows, most recently with Brad Swift on Exceptional Wisdom Radio and as part of a six-hour broadcast marathon that will include Deepak Chopra, Ken Wilber, and Andrew Cohen. Mick Quinn abandoned the American Dream in 2003, following an awakening to the true force of conditioning. Prior to this he went from being an illegal alien to working up to 9/11 at the World Trade Center to living two doors up from Jacky Os address on NYCs prestigious 5th Avenue.

Mick has traveled three continents to answer this question: How is the end of suffering possible in this lifetime? Mick Quinn lives in Salt Lake City along with his lovely wife Debora Prieto and their big woolly dog named Shiva.

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