Martha Thompson

Martha Thompson

Martha Thompson was born in Willenhall in the West Midlands. She became a Business Studies teacher in 1990 and began teaching in inner city London. Upon taking up meditation and becoming a vegetarian for three years she unleashed a psychic and healing ability that had laid dormant. Both her parents had psychic ability but had not developed them. She became a spiritual healer, colour therapist, aromatherapist and medium. Martha participated in rescue work and channeling.

She has written several articles on colour therapy. Martha has also run workshops on how to use colour and aromatherapy to manage stress. At various intervals of her life her mediumship shut down as her traditional teaching commitments increased. Since moving to the coast in 2007 it resurfaced and the importance of utilising it.

When Martha writes she is inspired by her spiritual guide called Ellis. She aims to encourage her readers to look at their experiences in a way that will empower, heal and lead them forward.

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