Katie Oman

Katie Oman

Katie Oman is a well-respected and much loved psychic and angel expert who writes monthly for the national magazines Soul & Spirit and, from April 2107, for Chat It’s Fate. Katie was personally requested to take over the Lorelei page in Chat It’s Fate magazine by Jenny Smedley herself when she decided to step back from it, due to her belief in the quality of Katie’s work.

Since 2010 Katie has given hundreds of psychic readings to clients, using a combination of oracle cards, her own clairvoyant abilities and her life coaching skills. Katie’s focus is to uplift, inspire and motivate others, and she carries this through all the work she does. As well as the psychic readings, Katie has worked closely with the author Theresa Cheung, where she has appeared weekly on her Facebook page to over 100,000 people, offering inspiring videos to a loyal following of people in need. Alongside this, Katie has also written numerous articles for the #HigherSelfie website, run by Lucy Sheridan-Wightman and Jo Westwood. She has a strong following on Instagram of over 5,300 at the time of writing, which continues to grow on a daily basis.

Katie is highly dedicated to helping others live truly happy lives. Katie has a degree in English and Drama, and is a fully qualified teacher, which she believes will be invaluable assets for getting her messages out to others, as well as helping people to help themselves. As well as writing books, including her first two self-published works Chasing Rainbows and Little White Feathers (written under the name Katie Golby), she also utilises her teaching experience through her online course, Connecting with the Angels. Her spare time is spent being a mum to her three children, and engaging in her love of creative pursuits.

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