Dr Kay U. Brugge

Dr Kay U. Brugge

Dr Kay is a Johannesburg based Life Strategist (change and transformation coach) working nationally. His post-graduate qualifications are in psychology and neuro-psychology. He was born and raised in Namiba, where he completed a BA degree, thereafter moving to South Africa to complete a BA(Hons.), Masters’ and D.Litt et Phil degrees (all in Psychology). He coaches people in English, German and Afrikaans.

Dr Kay has developed, tested and refined the methodology: "Metaphor Animation for Personal Transphormation"(MAPT) over years of life-coaching with both corporate and private clients, and applied it to life-design; stress management/resilience; post-violent crime coaching; and emotional intelligence coaching. His training and experience in psychology/neuro-psychology has enabled him to develop this innovative and impactful approach by bringing many different schools of thought (including Jungian Psychology; Positive Psychology; and quantum physics) to bear on it.

He is also an associate of the Image Excellence Group (6 years)(www.igroup.co.za), the clients of which are an augmentation of his coaching and publishing target market.

Dr Kay has published numerous articles in various newspapers, online and have been quoted in a number of magazines. These are available at:

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