Jane Adams

Jane Adams

Jane Adams, born in 1949, is a student of the Tree of Life, Alchemy and Astrology in the western esoteric tradition. She has bridged this in essence, with her studies in Indian Advaita. Jane began drawing, painting, and writing stories and poetry, from a very early age. These were and still are her creative tools for the spiritual quest. For many years she was a portrait painter, completing some prestigious commissions, including one of Princess Alice of Gloucester, which hangs in the Royal Academy of Music. Jane is now at work on a gallery of portraits of friends of the charity Human Rights Aid.

In 1991, Jane became a member of the Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK. From 1993 - 2004, she worked closely with Alan Jacobs, Chair of RMF, and edited and illustrated the Foundation journal Self Enquiry. The stories in this collection The Dreamer in the Dream are a more domesticated fruit of Jane and Alan's creative collaboration. Alan had drafted the plots and sowed the seeds; Jane then discovered, developed and cultivated them. Each story explores in different ways a paradoxical edge of experience, when the inner and outer life is about to transform; at any stage in life. Another major influence in the stories, was the late seer and teacher, Douglas Harding.

Jane Adams and Alan Jacobs were married for ten years, during which the first of Alan's anthologies, Poetry of the Spirit, was published. They continue as friends, to inspire and help each other creatively. The collection includes two 'cautionary tales' by Alan's children Graham and Laura from his first marriage.

Jane is currently preparing some collections of her poetry for publication. Additionally, The Sacred India Tarot by Rohit Arya and Jane Adams, is due for publication in 2010, by Group Impressions in Mumbai. This other project, bridging east and west, includes Jane's 78 paintings of the Tarot Arcana as applied to Indian spiritual archetypes.

Jane has a daughter, and is living in north west London.

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