Heidi Hollis

Heidi Hollis

For over 20 years, Heidi Hollis has been involved in looking into unsolved mysteries from a very young age. She is an advocate for bringing the ordinary and the extraordinary to a comfortable level where they can be spoken of frankly and openly — with a hint of humor! She has written for various publications and is sought worldwide for her advice and research into many of the mysteries and wonders this life has to offer.

She has also appeared on numerous national and international radio and television programs and is the former host of two syndicated radio programs.

Hollis is also a practicing occupational therapist, a lecturer, and an advice columnist. Visit her site – www.HeidiHollis.com

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Heidi is a former host of Magick Mind Paranormal Research Radio with over 150,000 listeners (www.magickmind.net). She was also the CO-host of the syndicated radio-cast and web-cast program SETLAB Chat. She has been featured on several radio and television programs such as the internationally popular programs- Coast to Coast AM, The Lou Gentile Show, UFO Desk, Night Search, Tim Shaw’s Asylum (UK), Jeff Rense’s Sightings, The Night Before with Nick Margerrision (UK), Speaking of Strange, Telemundo, Unknown Magazine Hour, and participated in the Steven Spielberg/Sci-Fi Channel series Taken / Abduction Diaries, TBS, Fox Wake Up News, and Discovery Channel’s Mystery Hunters and pilot/series X-OPS.

Heidi has also written for various formats including her unique and popular column Alien Advice, The Mothership Chronicles, UFO Magazine (UK), Austin Para Times, Weird Magazine, Pure Inspiration Magazine, Paranormal News, UFO Magazine, (US), Unknown Magazine, UFO2U’s various sub sites and site, Pancake Perspectives, W-Files and writing and producing the School Afloat segment for the Emmy Award winning television series Into the Outdoors. She is also now involved in screenwriting.

Heidi is an exciting attraction at various conventions and gatherings where she’s spoken at across the country, including Gen Con, First Con-tact, Cosmic Awareness Conference, UFO Daze, Ozark UFO Conference, Millenni-Con, JVL-Con, Mega-Con, Mis-Con and more.

She also possesses a Bachelor of Science degree, is a certified Occupational Therapist-Registered/Licensed, and is an accomplished comic strip and 3D artist.

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