Eric Foggitt

Eric Foggitt

Born in Paris in the mid-50's to a British father and French mother, Eric moved to England in the 60's and was educated at Edinburgh University, where he studied modern English literature.Keen to travel and experience life abroad, he worked in France and Greece before undertaking a Speech Pathology degree in Edinburgh. He took a special interest in neurology and neuropsychology, working in Dumfries and Glasgow with people with language and speech problems.

He describes his conversion from "devout atheism" to Christianity as "a truly life-changing experience" which altered not only his lifestyle, but also his attitude to life, love and purpose. In 1991 he was called to the northern Scottish town of Buckie, to work within the Church of Scotland, where he worked for nearly ten years before moving to Dunbar, east of Edinburgh, where he was minister for nine years. The focus of his ministry was very much renewal and growth, enabling people to move forward in their spiritual life and seeking to re-shape outdated church structures and traditions which owe more to fossilised religion than living spirituality. He describes his return to Speech Pathology in 2004 as "a welcome return to the real world" as he combined this work with commitments in the church. Experience in both healthcare and ministry helped to bring interesting insights into both fields of work.

He has three grown-up children and lives with his wife in Amsterdam.

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