Cynthia Bove

Cynthia Bove

Cynthia Bove` went to a small private High School in New York City and then on to the City College of New York, where she graduated with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology.

Even as her life unfolded and she married, had two children and worked in her family's business, her lifelong interest in spirituality kept growing. Her heart's desire had always been to draw closer to the Creator, and she has always actively searched for a bridge that would cross the chasm that seems to separate us from our Source.

In Cynthia's quest she left (almost) no rock unturned, and explored many "New Age" concepts. She also studied the precepts of Christianity, Judaism, the Kaballah, Indian and Buddhist philosophies...and found that man's search for spiritual fulfillment crosses all barriers of race, culture and belief systems. She discovered texts that revealed the unified Oneness of all Creation that is beyond time and space, as well as practical steps that will lead to an experience of that boundless freedom and love.

It has been Cynthia's great joy coupled with a sense of achievement to be able to put pen to paper and share some of these profound ideas. It is her fondest wish that some part of her journey of spiritual inquiry will find a place in your heart.

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