Charles H. Brewton

Charles H. Brewton

Charles H. Brewton, Ph.D., is an American professor of business strategy. In addition to a career in higher education, he is one of the few classroom professors with operations experience in private industry and state government. Currently, he teaches MBA courses in business strategy, marketing, public budgeting, public policy, and international business. He has written and published more than 30 academic articles about business strategy in refereed journals and trade magazines. Since 2007, he has taught Business Ethics, International Business, and Marketing courses to English-speaking MBA students in Vietnam.

He initially researched Muslim Mechanics as he dealt with factory managers in Vietnam who, in turn, dealt with Muslims in Thailand, Malaysia, and India. The content prepared him for understanding Muslim customs, beliefs, and expectations. It will train others who deal with them as well, a necessity for business leaders, church pastors and laypeople, students, missionaries, government officials, religious scholars, and expatriates.

Muslim Mechanics addresses the needs of business managers and government officials seeking to develop practical knowledge of Islam. He is trying to educate non-Muslims on how Islam works. If you want to see the type of topics he writes about, check out his blog at

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