Carol Lynn Fitzpatrick

Carol Lynn Fitzpatrick

Carol Fitzpatrick is a visionary intuitive who mentors world servers, people who are committed to embracing the path of the heart and access soul-level awareness for ushering a new era of humanity.

She is the author of two books, Fear Not My Child, and A Call to Remember. She writes a monthly e-communique called Light Streamings.She provides monthly tele sessions and webcasts on a variety of topics, and live private and group deep immersion experiences. She is the co-founder of Center for Planetary Awakening, a vehicle she and her husband and partner founded for sharing the power of energetic and intentional music as a way to transform the human spirit and thereby shift global consciousness.

Carol awakened in 1988 during a major life transition. For the following 12 years, while providing for her children and rebuilding her professional life, she was prompted to dive deep into the mystical realms of the Divine.

Prior to that time, she grew an advertising design practice from start-up to a regional design firm and publisher of two regional magazines.

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