Annie Davison

Annie Davison

In the early 1970s Annie's eyes began opening to the psychic and spiritual gaze. She knew with certainty that this opening concerned two things. 1: The emergence of the profound depth and meaning of the feminine principle, and 2: That humanity's evolution to consciousness would eventually lead to the collapse of ideas, structures and institutions founded on greed.

Her journey to the feminine; the opening to the higher self and the Jungian concept of the super conscious led to her first book The Wise Virgin, 1979, (as Annie Wilson) published by Turnstone Books (later Harper Collins). It was regarded as a seminal book in the field of Transpersonal Psychology.

In 1995 she began work as a channel. Channelling is a confusing word that has many connotations and misinterpretations. In fact Anne sees her channelling as just the latest outcome of a long journey of consciousness, opening up more and more to the complexities of accessing information from other dimensions with increasing confidence, clarity and truth. And so, over thirty years on, she has finally written the book on greed.

She began life as a journalist on national magazines and newspapers, then as a TV researcher: The Parkinson Programme, late 70s. A 13-part series: Inner Journeys for HTV, with award winning producer/director Jonathan Stedall.

In the 1980s she lived in Geneva and France and was an editorial consultant for UN agencies, including the World Health Organisation: Editor Appropriate Technology for Health Newsletter
Her others books, (as Annie Wilson) are: What Colour Are You, published by Turnstone (Harper Collins), l981, based on the work of gifted clairvoyant Lilla Bek. This high-selling book went into five languages and was current for over twelve years. Where There's Love, Turnstone Books, 1984, the story of Runnings Park, the first College of Healing in the UK.

For the last fifteen years she has worked as a motivational counsellor through channelled guidance, helping individuals to manage inner and outer change at a psychological and spiritual but also mundane level. She has held numerous courses and workshops in the UK and France on related topics.

In 2004 she lived for a year in China (and briefly Tibet) with her TV producer husband. She studied Mandarin Chinese. It was an experience that inspired subsequent work as a therapeutic counsellor and teacher.

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