Ann-Marie Marchant

Ann-Marie Marchant

Ann-Marie’s passions are all things spiritual, metaphysical and quantum, but it wasn’t always that way. She came from a background of believing that life was black or white, with a need to ‘see it before she would believe it’ mentality, but she eventually discovered that neither was true.

After a series of tragic events and an experience she calls ‘The Falling’, she was metaphorically and literally brought to her knees. Her life then took on a completely different trajectory, resulting in a slow but profound dismantling of her identity.

She had inadvertently found herself on a Spiritual Awakening path, which guided her to explore the world of alternative and holistic health, leading her to train as a Holistic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Meditation Facilitator.

She came to realise that there was, in fact, a much bigger plan at play and that there was a divine presence leading her life. With the mantra of ‘show me the truth’ as her daily prayer, Ann-Marie’s biggest change was still to come as she found herself on the threshold of training to be a multifaith minister. From a person who could barely say the word ‘God’ without a visceral reaction of distaste, this was a pretty big turnaround.

Ann-Marie has embraced the simplicity of a guided spiritual life and now trusts in a loving presence, which she knows is available to everyone. Her heart’s desire is to help those who are ready and willing to ‘wake up’ too. This has resulted in the creation of her first book, which was initiated by ‘another voice’ prompting her to write it.

Ann-Marie lives in Sussex and facilitates spiritual workshops, retreats, meditation groups, as well as offering one-to-one mentoring for those who find themselves awakening too.

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