Andrew Seaton

Andrew Seaton

Andrew Seaton is an Australian-born author, educator, life counselor and mentor for spiritual awakening. Through his writings, talks and 1-on-1 support via online conference, he helps others to clear away the mist of the conditioned mind and awaken to their true nature as the peace-filled observing awareness beyond the mind.

From an early age, Andrew sensed that there is a deeper reality to himself and to life than appears on the surface. For more than four decades, he delved deeply into educational philosophy and psychology; old wisdom and new science; reports of higher consciousness; and a wide range of personal development, holistic wellness and spiritual awareness practices. In 2006, he resigned from a two-year stint in academia in order to focus on unlearning his education and other conditioning, and on awakening the fuller functioning that he had come to see so clearly is possible and desirable. His spiritual awakening began in earnest in September 2018 with a beautiful dream followed by energy flows in his body.

Through his long, deep and broad investigations, Andrew observed that there is an overwhelming amount of conceptual and practical clutter, error and confusion in the world regarding spirituality, and many people are feeling frustrated. Eventually, he was able to see through the muddle and pull the essentials together in a way that served his own awakening well. Through intuitive inspiration, he was able to present them in his book Spiritual Awakening Made Simple in a concise, unified and practical formulation that many will find makes things clear and gives their awakening the traction they are wanting.

Andrew now speaks to groups, podcasters and radio interviewers about how, contrary to popular belief and experience, living a beautiful life through spiritual awakening is both natural and achievable.

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