Amy Naylor Haible

Amy Naylor Haible

Amy Naylor Haible has been a spiritual seeker since her early twenties. One summer she visited a friend in Alaska and due to strange circumstances she became stranded for three days at her cabin above a high river plain. Having searched the bookshelves, Amy discovered "Seth Speaks." A door to a reality she had sensed but never fully realized was opened, and from that moment she began an earnest search for the truth.

Decades later, after many teachers, she found A Course in Miracles. Had it not been for her years of spiritual training she would have set the book aside. It's patriarchal Christian language would have been too much. But she sensed the inherent wisdom behind the language and discovered there is almost no spiritual question A Course in Miracles does not answer.

As a licensed Shiatsu practitioner, with a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, Amy has provided spiritual guidance and bodywork in Harpswell, Maine for over twenty years.

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