Allan J. Sweeney

Allan J. Sweeney

As a child, Allan Sweeney was seriously ill with an immune deficiency. Doctors said he would not live to become a teenager, soheI attended a special boarding school for “delicate children”.
As an adult, he was hospitalised about twice a year, and registered by the UK health service as 80% disabled. One day a lady unexpectedly placed her hands on him for 10 minutes, and he was cured.
Being cured of his life-long condition that numerous doctors in his childhood and adulthood could not help, inspired and motivated him to travel the world to find out how to cure other conditions that similarly have large effectiveness gaps in orthodox medicine. 

Research focus was not on one therapy that could be used for all conditions, but on specific interventions, each relevant only to cure or alleviate one condition or symptom.
This turned traditional therapy interventionist approaches on their head, not accepting that any one therapy, including orthodox medicine, has the ability to cure every known condition, but that there could be value in exploring other interventions that could be more effective in helping specific conditions because their method or technique targeted something specific to that one condition or symptom.
After discovering and developing approaches to prevent, alleviate or cure specific conditions or symptoms, including approaches that were accepted in perhaps only one country yet not in others, he has now practised and taught iCAM (Integrative, Complementary and Alternative Medicine), and spiritual and soul subjects, internationally for 40 years, full-time for 23 years.

1978-present - Numerous iCAM therapies, Reiki, bio-field therapies, psychological methods
1992-4 - Creative Writing course, University of Kent
2000 - Hon. PhD (AM) (Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicine), Indian Board of Alternative Medicines
1986-8 - Business consultancy, trained via UK government’s Manpower Services Commission
1984-7 - Vice-President, ‘The Speakers’ Society’
1980-83 - Counselling

Relevant aspects of teaching and practise of Spirituality and iCAM

1995-present - Full time international practice and teaching of iCAM techniques and methods, including but not limited to Reiki, bio-field therapies, psychological interventions
1995-present - Member of Doctor-Healer Network, UK, (network of medical and healing professionals)
1996-present - International TV & radio shows
1996-present - Mind Body Spirit / Soul and similar shows and exhibitions
1997-present - Advisor, teacher, healer for royalty of three countries
1997-present - Lectures on love, spirituality, the soul, angels on earth, and 63 mystical subjects
2007-present - International teaching and practise of unique and pioneering methods and interventions to improve physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul health, with preventative and curative success rates, and job opportunities.

Summary of highlights per annum. 
All courses, lectures and workshops are not included, because they number in the high hundreds.

2018 Philippines, 2-day lecture-workshop to psychologists and psychiatrists, “Health Innovations”
2017 Denmark, support lecture and workshop, “Healthcare for Chronic Disease”, Odense
2017 UK, “Relief for Physical and Emotional Pains”, Margate
2016 Philippines, Presentation at National Centre for Geriatric Health on pain and emotional relief

2015 USA, Energy-based therapies, explanation and provision
2015 UK, Lectures and workshops, two-week training in anti-cancer therapies
2014 Greece, Lectures & training courses for bio-field energy therapies, including bones, cancer, etc
2013 Mexico City, Training courses, “New and Effective Psychological Interventions”
2013 Mexico City, Lecture at IMMS, “New and Effective Psychological Interventions”
2012 India, lecture at Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, “The Waves of Curative Therapies”
2012 Barbados, lectures and workshops on bio-field energy therapies
2011 UK, Lecture to Doctor-Healer Network – How Reiki healing history affects future potentials
2011 Mexico, Presentation at Hospital Angeles, Tijuana, ‘Effectiveness of Reiki in chronic patients’ 2010 UK, Teaching at Heaven-by-the-Sea, The CREATE Program for Cancer Patients
2010 UK, Committee Member of Doctor-Healer Network
2010 UK, Lecture at Doctor-Healer Network – Reiki and Cancer
2010 UK, House of Lords, presentation to Lords on the future system of UK health
2008 Mexico, Cancer therapy program, training classes, San Miguel de Allende
2008 Mexico, Lecture series at Biblioteca, San Miguel de Allende
2007-9 UK, Research Officer for Holistic faculty of British Psychological Society
2007 UK, Lecture at the British Psychological Society, London ‘The Future of iCAM Research’
2006-13 Mexico, Teaching courses on innovations in psychological interventions, Mexico City
2006-7 Mexico, Lectures at IMSS, the Mexican department of health
2006 Mexico, Lecture World Trades Congress, Mexico City, ‘Solving Inner Spiritual Problems’
2006 Australia, Lecture tour, Sidney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Australia
2005-8 UK/Mexico, PhD research into ADD/ADHD, University of London & Institute of Education
2005-7 Dubai, lectures and courses, including radio, on integrating and curative therapies
2004 Barbados, courses on advanced mastership bio-energy healing 

2003-7 Singapore, series of courses on ‘The Philosophy of How to Cure or Prevent Diseases’
2002-8 Malaysia, series of workshops on preventative and curative interventions
2000-4 Harley Street clinic. Prestigious area for top medical doctors. See
2000 Japan, Panel, Kyoto, First Int. Reiki Masters Congress, ‘Best Reiki Practise & Outcomes’
2000 Japan, Lecture, Osaka, Gendai Reiki, ’Integrating Reiki & Orthodox Medicine in UK & Japan’
1999 Japan, Kyoto, Lecture, ‘The potentials for Reiki to cure chronic disease’
1999 Japan, Lecture, Tokyo, Reiki Oneness World Network, ‘Future of iCAM in Next Millennium’
1999 Japan, Kyoto, Lecture, first large gathering of Japanese Reiki Masters 

1998 India, Co-chairman, Scientific iCAM Session, scientific analysis with Dr Lohiya (India)
1998 India, Co-chairman, Scientific iCAM Session, with Prof Hakemulder (Holland)
1998 India, 7th Int. Convention, World Aids Day, How iCAM Works with Orthodox Med. in UK
1997-2005 Denmark, various healthcare and spiritual courses in six cities
1996-2012 UK, committee member of House of Commons health committee, for Doctor-Healer Network
1996-1998 UK, Trainer in HM Prisons, Inst. Study and Treatment of Delinquency, Kings College, London
1995-2004 UK/International, Instigator & chair, ‘International Reiki Healers’, the first Reiki organisation for quality assurance, Codes of Conduct, Codes of Practise, and Disciplinary Procedures

Spiritual Teachings and Workshops (taught internationally)

1. Angels on Earth
2. Accessing and resolving Akashic Records
3. The ways of the healed wild man
4. Treading the angels’ path and resolving obstacles
5. Meeting the highest angelic guide/master relevant to a need
6. The final soul lifetime, and how to ensure success
7. Meditation for personal, local, regional, national and global peace
8. Biofeedback angelic meditation
9. Karmic ties – Resolution of Crises - Instant karma
10. The angel inside you trying to be freed
11. Addictions to Perfect LOve
12. Unconditional acceptance
13. Conditional LOve judgements
14. The Golden Sphere
15. The last soul Contract and how to resolve the main Clause
16. The sharing of LOve for the sake of love.
17. Peace and LOve promotion in outer fields
18. 7 stages of spirituality, from body and emotions to bliss and ecstasy, and how to attain them
19. The way to fulfil your soul’s destiny
20. The four stages of LOve / love growth
21. Cascade groups
22. Mastering your spiritual Master
Etc – many extra spiritual techniques are lectured on, practised and taught

Relevant authored books and publications (Non-relevant books and publications not included) 


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