Akash Sky

Akash Sky

Akash Sky was Born as Akash Thapar in South London, England. His career path is Chartered Accountancy, where he specialises in Financial Investments. At 30 years old in April 2015 he married his wife Preeti and moved to North London. That same year, in September, his dad passed away, which was the beginning of his life changing direction. An intense yearning to know who he really was, the meaning of life and his relationship with a greater power followed. In 2016 he was connected to the essence of Guruji, the Avatar of Hinduism’s Lord Shiva, in a formless relationship. During the year, Guruji guided him to study A Course in Miracles which is dictated by Jesus Christ. Over 5 years of disciplined self-study internally with Guruji & Jesus Christ, he made many memoirs, notes, and a scrap book of experiences, which lead to the existence of this book, 'Introducing You to Your Own Perfection' in 2022.

As 'Introducing You to Your Own Perfection' emerged so did the Akash Sky name. Akash means Sky in the Hindi Language. Akash is the everyday name which represents his personal conceptual self. This self is the temporary individual that will arise through consciousness and dissolve back into it as a projection of the mind. Sky represents the unlimited self. When we look up at the sky we point upwards as if it is there; it is a presence. As we look upwards the sky seems to be there, and past it there’s the limitlessness of outer space. Somehow the two joining creates the impression that it exists, but you can never hold it or know when you are in it. As we dismantle the Akash personality with Holy Forgiveness, it may feel like nothing remains, but this is the beginning of pure existence. The Sky represents this pure existence and is our inner Perfection.

'Introducing You to Your Own Perfection' was written under challenging circumstances. It was as if it came out of nowhere, or now-here. The book began in the UK’s national Coronavirus Lockdown, as the writer had an 18-month-old baby, a pregnant wife expecting another, a full-time career in Finance outside of writing and a normal householder life with all the regular maintenance to uphold without his wife heavy lifting. The author did not expect a book to emerge from this intense busy period of life. To ensure the message was not lost due to the new baby arriving, it was written during the toddler’s naptimes on the weekends and during the week after work hours until late at night. The intense force inside to get the words down and arrange this material was overwhelming. The desire to assist anyone/everyone and to share the treasure he has found within took over as he wanted to extend his experience and introduce you to your inner perfection.

Today, Akash continues his career in Finance and is a family man who writes and discusses mystical experiences with other spiritual seekers. He still lives in London, UK.

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