11/10/19 | By Judy Hall

Are you working in the field of the paranormal? Are you an energy worker? Do you pick up other people's thoughts and feelings? Do you ever find yourself glancing over your shoulder because you feel you are being watched, only to discover there is no one there? Are you particularly accident-prone? If so, you may require a special kind of protection. Protection that crystals provide. A crystal has benefits that you feel rather than see.

Psychic Self-protection

We may think we know what protection means. At a national level, we have armed forces to 'defend the realm', the police to 'keep us safe'. At a personal level, we wear wellington boots and waterproof coats to repel the rain. We ensure our house and our car in case of theft or accident. We install alarms against fire or intruders. But! Have you ever stopped to think that there is something else against which we may need to defend ourselves? A subtle, silent, intrusion which is invisible, and yet exceedingly powerful – and which can be wholly destructive. This unseen force operates not only in the physical world but at the psychic, mental and emotional levels of being. If you’ve been active in the paranormal field, you’ll almost certainly have come up against incidents that have convinced you this is so.

Do you need psychic protection?

Do you work closely with other people?

Are you a medium, healer, channeller? Ghost-hunter?

Were you born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces?

Are you psychic?

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Do people naturally gravitate to you with their troubles?

Do you give a great deal of energy to other people?

Do people or places leave you feeling drained and tired?

Are you sensitive to atmospheres?

Do you use relaxation assists? Meditate? Do yoga? Recreational drugs?

Are you accident-prone?

Have many small things gone wrong recently?

Do you lose things?

Do you suffer from nightmares and poor sleep?

Do you live with your head in the clouds?

Are you anxious, nervy, on edge all the time?

Do you have invisible feelers out, testing the air around you?

Are you afraid to relax?

Are you perpetually tired, listless, hopeless?

Have you ever felt invaded, somehow not yourself

Do you dwell on things, turning them over and over in your mind?

Has anyone shown particularly strong animosity to you?

Do you feel someone 'has it in' for you?

Do you have more enemies than friends?

If you answer yes to more than two of the above, then the chances are, you need psychic protection. You may also have picked up an entity or two that needs clearing – which will be the subject of my next article.


What is psychic protection?

Psychic protection is subtle and invisible. It is a defensive layer around the aura - the subtle bioenergy field that surrounds us. Psychic protection acts as an impermeable barrier to other people's thoughts and feelings and toxic atmospheres. At its simplest, it is a hoop of light that you imagine around your feet and mentally pulls up when required. It can be visualised as a bubble you inhabit. But, for me, the most powerful protection is created by incorporating a crystal into your energy field: wear Shungite, Black Amber or Black Tourmaline, for instance, to provide strong protection.

Simple acts give you psychic protection. Many people find themselves instinctively crossing their arms over their solar plexus when the emotional level or the atmosphere around them becomes too highly charged. But a pain under the left armpit signals an energy drain or invasion - this is the spleen chakra where our body feels invaded by other people's strong emotions or a toxic environment, and where they drain our energy.

Placing a Green Aventurine crystal here seals the spleen chakra and a Yellow Jasper the solar plexus. You may be sensitive to other people's thoughts. Most of us at some time or another have had the experience of having a thought pop into our head that isn't ours. But, some people are constantly bombarded by other people's stray thoughts, Fluorite assists. Some have the misfortune to come under deliberate attack by someone who bears a grudge. This is the time to wear Shungite or Black Tourmaline.


Venturing where others fear to tread?

To enter the paranormal realms you need protection and safe space. It is impossible to be protected unless you are firmly anchored to the earth and centred in your self. Before beginning any kind of paranormal, psychic or energy work or opening higher consciousness, ground and stabilise yourself first.

The grounding root

  • Stand (or sit) with your feet slightly apart, well balanced on your knees and hips. Feet flat on the floor. Place a Flint, Eye of the Storm (Judy’s Jasper), Graphic Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, or Smoky Quartz Elestial at your feet.
  • Put your hands across your belly, hands under your navel, with fingers spread to cover all the lower chakras.
  • Feel roots growing from your hands, across your hips, down each leg and out through the soles of your feet.
  • Picture the earth star chakra about a foot beneath your feet opening like the petals of a water lily.

· Feel the two roots growing from the soles of your feet down to meet at the earth star. The roots twine together and pass down through the earth star going past the Gaia Gateway chakra and deep into the earth. They pass through the outer mantle, down past the solid crust and deep into the molten magma.

· When the entwined roots have passed through the magma, they reach the big iron ball at the centre of the planet.

· The roots hook themselves around this ball, holding you firmly in the incarnation and helping you to be grounded in your body.

· Energy and protection flow up this root to keep you energised and safe

· Allow the roots to pass up from the earth star through your feet, up to your legs and the knee chakras and into your hips. At your hips, the roots move across to meet in the base chakra and from there to the sacral and the dantien. The energy that flows up from the centre of the Earth can be stored in the dantien.

Note: Whenever you are in an area of seriously disturbed earth energy, particularly that which holds the imprint of toxic or violent events, protect your earth star chakra by visualising a large protective crystal all around it. The root will still pass down to the centre of the earth to bring powerful energy to support you, and the crystal transmutes and stabilises negative energy. A virtual crystal can work when visualised with intent, but placing an actual crystal here intensifies the effect.

Good vibes

The key to energy protection and enhancement is to surround yourself with good vibrations. If you expect doom, gloom and catastrophes, that’s what you get. Follow these simple guidelines to instantly improve your energy:

  • Cleanse any crystals in your space or about your person regularly.

· Be in a space that feels good - if it doesn’t, change this.

· Feel good in and about yourself.

· Ground yourself.

· Think positive thoughts and have positive expectations.

· Do the things you enjoy.

· Be with people who boost your energy.

· Keep your energy healthy. Don’t let yourself get tired or drained.

· Avoid an attack of the 'poor me's' - distract yourself by doing something joyful.

· Wear appropriate protection crystals or use appropriate crystal essences.

Protection crystals: Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Amber, Polychrome Jasper, Tantalite.

Energy enhancement crystals: Citrine, Red Jasper.


Aura protection

By strengthening the aura, you make it impossible for other people to penetrate your personal space. Crystals create an interface between you and the outside world. Labradorite is a particularly useful crystal for this purpose – which you can wear every day, as is Fluorite as it provides a protective shield. Healer’s Gold is effective if you need a more heavy-duty crystal. But you can also protect your aura with a simple crystal trick:

The Amber melt: hold a piece of Amber over your head, feel it melting like treacle, dripping down around the outside of your aura and protecting all around. This is particularly effective if you use Black Amber as it also cleanses the aura and chakras at the same time.

Crystals for the aura:

Amber is an ancient protector. It aligns the aura with the physical body, mind and spirit. It draws off negative energy and so cleans the aura.

Amethyst gently cleanses the aura, heals holes, and protects it, drawing in divine energy.

ApacheTear (clear Black Obsidian) gently protects the aura from absorbing negative energies.

Bloodstone is an etheric cleanser that greatly benefits the aura.

Citrine cleanses and aligns the aura, filling in gaps.

Fluorite and Tourmaline provide a psychic shield.

Green Tourmaline heals holes in the aura.

Jet protects the aura against other people's negative thoughts.

Labradorite prevents energy leakage. It protects by aligning to spiritual energy

Quartz cleanses, protects and increases the auric field, sealing any holes.

Kunzite and Selenite detach mental influences from the aura.

Smoky Quartz grounds energy and dissolves negative patterns encased in the aura.

Environmental protection and safe space

Houses have a subtle-energy history. An imprint is left by people who’ve lived there. Neighbours add their vibes. At home and work, computers and other equipment generate electromagnetic fields that create fatigue and irritability. (Strong electromagnetic fields are implicated in illnesses such as cancer and leukaemia.) Crystals counteract these fields and put beneficial energies in their place. A protective stone such as Turquoise or Black Tourmaline placed outside the front door will protect the whole house, even from burglars. Large pieces of Flint or Black Tourmaline placed around the space protect it. If the crystal has a point, point it away to deflect negative energy and transmute it into positive. If you want your space filled with love and harmony, Rose Quartz does the trick.

How do you find the right spot? The crystal or your feet will probably tell you! Or dowse for it.


Quick fixes

Ghosts or unpleasant atmosphere? Spray the room with Petaltone Clear2Light or Z14 Petaltone Essence or put Astral Clear on a Quartz crystals and leave in the room.

Heal the history of a house: Ancestralite, Selenite and Rose Quartz create a grid that heals the ancestral history of a house and sends any lingering spirits to the light.

Neutralize EMFs: Shungite, Fluorite, Amazonite or Quartz by the computer or t.v. neutralises electromagnetics. Smoky Quartz absorbs geopathic stress, Turquoise clears environmental pollution, and Black Tourmaline deflects psychic attack. Amber or Bloodstone cleanse negative energies. Rose Quartz or Amethyst replace these with positive, loving vibrations.

Protect your car: Picture a five-pointed star over the top, sides and bottom of your car.

Too many phone calls? Always put your phone outside your bedroom at night and fix a Shungite phone protector plate to it to protect you toxic negative electromagnetic fields (see

Unpleasant atmosphere at work? Keep a large Rose Quartz, Selenite or Amethyst crystal on your desk. Cleanse by spraying with Petaltone Clear2Light essence each morning.

Other people’s thoughts bothering you? Wear a Black Tourmaline or Fluorite crystal around your neck or put one under your pillow.

Staying in a strange room? Petaltone Clear2Light or Petaltone Z14, especially on the bed.

Energy drain? Place your hands over your solar plexus and cross your ankles. Wear a Labradorite crystal around your neck or Green Aventurine under your left armpit.

To protect against computer stress: Keep a Shungite, Lepidolite or Purple Fluorite crystal by the computer.


Useful books:

Volume 5 in the highly successful Crystal Prescriptions series, this volume covers crystals for space clearing, Feng Shui and psychic protection with extensive introductory material and practical exercises, plus the usual A-Z format directory. Whether you need to create a safe space for everyday living or meditation, or craft an oasis of calm in a buzzing work environment, or to protect your home in a crime-ridden area, crystals may assist you. Youll be able to work in harmony with the Feng Shui bagua to attract abundance and enhance all areas of your life.

You'll find crystals to ghostbust, to clear curses no matter how far back in your ancestral line, to remove spirit attachments, and to retrieve the lost soul parts that could make you vulnerable to psychic attack. Crystals will help you to strengthen your aura, create a firewall between you and the outside world, and repel psychic invasion. You will also be able to craft practical amulets for everyday wear and learn how to make crystals work for you.

This inspirational book will aid you in finding stability and security in a changing and challenging world. It explains the difference between self-protection and fear-based defences and shows you how you can use crystals and other spiritual tools - including journeying, smudging, affirmations, breathwork and more - to change your mindset from a fearful one into a more confident positive approach to the world. Judy has put together simple - and effective - ways to enhance energy levels and boost protection that have been used for thousands of years. Her tools, techniques and powerful energetic practices will help you to work with the unique healing energies of crystals to take charge of your life and embrace change with power and gusto.

Do you want to learn simple but effective psychic protection techniques? Are you seeking a way of amplifying your energy? Do you want to revitalise yourself and your creative fire? Would you like your relationships to be more vital? Do you have difficulty sleeping? Do you feel nervous and at risk when travelling? Are you concerned for the well being of your children or pets? Are you the target of misdirected energy? Do you want to reprogram your negative expectations? Do you want to live positively and vibrantly? Good Vibrations has the answer! This book brings together Judy Hall's forty-five years experience in applying healing, crystals and energy medicine to create a healthier mind, body, relationship and environment. Promoting good vibrations are essential if you are to live life to the full enjoying excellent health, inner serenity and joie de vivre but it is particularly necessary if you work with other people, especially as a carer, therapist, practitioner or counsellor. Taking some simple steps to clear your space, amplify and contain your energy field and heighten your vibrations improves your well being, shields your energy, safeguards you against subtle invasion and creates a safe space in which to live, love and work. The brand-new concept of Crystal EFT helps you to reprogram negative emotional states and bring positivity and confidence into all areas of your life.

About the author

Judy Hall is a successful Mind-Body-Spirit author with almost 50 books to her credit including the million-selling Crystal Bible (volumes 1-3) and the popular Crystal Prescriptions A-Z Guide series. She has appeared on the Watkins Review of the one hundred most spiritually influential authors this century and was Kindred Spirit’s MBS personality of the year in 2014. A natural psychic, she has been a past life therapist, crystal worker and karmic astrologer for over 45 years. Judy has a B.Ed in Religious Studies with extensive knowledge of world religions and mythology and an M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University. Her mentor was Christine Hartley (Dion Fortune's metaphysical colleague and literary agent). You can read her blog and sign up for her regular newsletter on Crystals especially attuned for you are available from Catch up with Judy on Crystal-judy-hall and the-crystal-bible-by-Judy-Hall Facebook pages.

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